As I am sure everyone has seen by now, James Storm, recently in TNA, made his NXT debut not long ago. With him joining NXT, and by extension, WWE, he becomes the 2nd major TNA alumni to join the brand this year. When you add in the major return of The Dudleys from TNA to WWE, as well as other talent in WWE who served time in Nashville (looking at Xavier Woods, for one), we are starting to see a bit of an influx of talent from Nashville.  At one time, perhaps around AJ Styles’ contractual issues, I recall a prominent WWE source saying that someone like Styles wasn’t in the plans, and that the company believed in the NXT pipeline-and seeing which Superstars NXT has developed into main roster mainstays, that position is hard to argue.

But the facts remain: TNA, for all it’s failings, does have some exceptional talents on it’s roster. And clearly, WWE hiring philosophies have changed.

So, (borrowing the idea from one of our readers) if you had the ability to sign a couple TNA talents to the main roster, who would you like to see come aboard?

For me, I have three. I would love to see Matt and Jeff Hardy return, now more than ever because of The Dudleys return. Having those two teams face off again? Would be Christmas for fans of tag team wrestling. And the third isn’t so much a want, as one that would make sense-I figure Abyss could find himself a home, either alongside Reigns against The Wyatt Family, or as a member of The Wyatts. It could go either way.

So, WNZ readers. You can pick 3 from TNA. Who would you be signing up for WWE (or NXT)?

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