Yes folks, I asked. What are your top three Cell matches. I am keenly aware that there are an abundance of top lists all over the place, but why not have one, right here on WNZ, where we can debate the top three Cell matches ever and see if we can’t come to some agreement. Keep things civil, of course, but let’s see what fan opinions are on the topic, shall we?

For my own top three, in the interest of getting the ball rolling (These are in no particular order):

Shawn Michaels versus The Undertaker, first Hell In A Cell match ever. This was a great match, made even better by the fact that it introduced us all to the demonic structure which we know and love today. Those two reasons give me enough reason to put it on my list.

Undertaker versus Mankind (King of the Ring). Made famous for perhaps this generations most regularly played spots, comparable to Snuka’s leap off of the MSG cage. Those spots, of course, are Foley being flung off the top of the structure and through the Spanish announce table, and then Foley being driven through the top of the structure onto the unforgiving ring below. This, right here, is very possibly the greatest Hell In A Cell match we will ever get, and it’s a virtual certainty that no future Cell match will ever match the violence, carnage and spots that we got here.

Undertaker versus HHH (Wrestlemania). This one is on here, in my mind, for the feud. It just so happened that this one match took place from within the Cell, and like the other ‘Mania tilts that ‘Taker had with Helmsley and HBK, it was an instant classic.

Alright, WNZ readers…how about your top three?

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