This one couldn’t get much more direct. When I saw rumors that WWE wanted Alberto Del Rio back, I was incredulous. I really can’t figure this one out, outside WWE brass recognizing that they really don’t have a strong and credible draw for the Hispanic demographic (even though I really thought a team like Lucha Dragons had a chance, and may still..).

So, straight forward, really direct. Would you want Alberto Del Rio back in WWE?

For me, the answer is complex. On the one hand, I did like the character and how he worked in the ring, even if he did come off as a Hispanic rendition of JBL, But the reality surrounding him is he has baggage given how and why he departed the company, and how he’s spoken about the company since his departure. As good as he might have been in WWE, he was not so amazing that it’s easy to forgive and forget what transpired. And, if you open the door and bring him back, don’t you open the door for a rapid return of someone like Hulk Hogan, who it seemed had made a bonfire of his own legacy not that long ago?

And, it’s worth mentioning that, in this scenario, Del Rio would seem to have all the leverage. If the rumors are true that WWE wants him back, and not the other way around, then Alberto can (and should) ask for the moon and stars if he wants to come back.

What say you, readers of WNZ…Should Alberto come back? Do you want him back?

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