I asked this of readers not that long ago, especially in light of James Storm making his NXT debut, who could next come over from TNA. So now, we go in reverse and ask, who could depart WWE and move on to TNA?

It’s not an unfair question, and there is a history on this one, as many past and present TNA performers did do time for WWE. Some went on to find great success, while others didn’t fare nearly as well. So who, currently on the WWE roster, could land in Nashville?

Cody Rhodes. I think he’s going to end up a victim of the numbers game, simply put. Unless WWE gets hot on him in a hurry, he’s an odd man out, no pun intended. He had a great run with his brother Dustin, but that’s come and gone, and now he’s nothing more than a famous name and a mid-carder. Not that I want to see him leave, but I am sure that there are those within WWE who deem him a replaceable talent. It’s worth asking, if his last name wasn’t Rhodes, would he even still be employed by the folks in Stamford?

Damien Sandow. This man, once a proud Money In The Bank contract holder, has been relegated to comic relief of late. And barely at that. Once a mainstay on RAW, be it as Mizdow or Macho Mandow, he’s become a ghost, and not in a good way. He’s a good enough worker in most all facets of the game that he should deserve better. And, if he doesn’t get that chance in WWE, I can easily see him excelling in TNA.

The Usos. I used to love them, but honestly that was when they were pretty much the only game in the tag team ranks, at least in terms of faces. Now? Thanks to injuries, we know more of them from Total Divas, and one of their spouses (Naomi) is more in the spotlight than they are. Not saying they can’t regain their position, but since the injury? We’ve only seen the tag ranks improve substantially, and that was arguably before the return of The Dudleys. I don’t know if WWE figures on singles runs for one or both Usos-I have to assume no, since we haven’t seen one start by now. But I could see them both go to Nashville and enjoy a run not too different from the Hardys or Dudleys, where they get to be both successful in the tag division as well as grow in the singles world too.

Who do you think is most likely to leave WWE and give TNA a shot?

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