It hit me on my way home the other night. With Wade Barrett out of action but ready to return, the rumors swirled that WWE was repackaging him. But how? And, as I said, it hit me.

Why not a reborn Nexus?

Sounds crazy, right? But what if it wasn’t?

When The Wyatts emerged, and as Daniel Bryan continued to get no help from the castrated lockeroom in his battle with The Authority, I wondered how two strong heel factions was going to play out. Of course, we are starting to see hints of a Shield breakup and/or a possible Shield/Wyatt clash, but we are not there yet.

So why not have Barrett come back. As a face. And supporting Daniel Bryan.

Crazy, right? But, the explanation could be easy enough. Bryan and Wade worked their way up to the main roster together. Bryan trusts Wade enough and knows he’s a tough SOB. Forgetting Bryan’s shaving not that long ago (and it wouldn’t be the first time WWE conveniently overlooked something contradicting their desired angle), Barrett comes out, makes the save, and the two decide to reform Nexus, but in a different, face image. And, keeping that close shave in mind, there you have an easily built in reason for a possible turn down the road.

You could even expand the team again. Have Barrett knock some sense back into Heath Slater, that he has too much talent to waste it with 3MB. Have them bring Gabriel back. Maybe even Ryback. Make use of Otunga as their manager-type person, and you could have a new stable of your own to run counter to the Wyatts, The Shield, or a Heyman stable should WWE ever wake up and realized how good for business that could be. Obviously, you’d have to overlook the brief Husky Harris time in things, and you may also opt to leave the re-branded Curtis Axel out as well, but you have options there.

Will it happen? My magic eight ball says not likely, especially since I think the Authority angle is dying on the vine, and WWE likely missed the window for this one. Had things lined up, you could have easily done this 6 or 8 weeks ago and done well with it. Depending on how things play out, my expectation is that Bryan gets back into the title picture around the Royal Rumble by winning that match, assuming that WWE will ever capitalize on his popularity and allow him to hold the title for any length of time.

But, with all the dominant or existent stables in WWE decidedly on the heel side of things, it would be nice to see a face stable in some form, rather than just ending up with alliances borne out of convenience and common enemies.

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