It’s Sunday, so here at WrestleNewz we take a moment to reflect on the past week. The week began by dissecting Great Balls of Fire and the best superstars on today’s roster.

We had RAW and the nutshell followed. There was SmackDown and another nutshell. We ended the nutshells with one from NXT.

See which show won for the week.

Joe had Great Balls of Fire’s report card, 5 real winners, 5 real losers, the post-questions, what worked – didn’t work, needed changes, and closing comments.

Ask WNZ had the staff discuss booking a future SummerSlam and the idea of more special tournaments.

Open Season wanted to know the fans thoughts about what’s next for The Hardy Boyz.

We closed the week with a Dear Creative about Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins working together.

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