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She doesn’t hold a title, she’s not a WWE legend (yet), and she hasn’t even wrestled on the main roster. Still, there were five women this past Monday Night RAW desperately via for an opportunity to step into that squared circle with Asuka when she does debut, during Team Red’s next pay-per-view (PPV) Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC).

Now, whether you are talking about male or female superstars, fatal five-way matches are concepts generally used to figure out a number one contender for a WWE championship. When one stops to realize that Asuka is simply debuting on the main roster, looking to make a name for herself, and there are five remaining females in the RAW women’s division (excluding Mickie James and Alexa Bliss who are focused on a title race program) just itching to get in the ring with her, a wrestling fan’s mind could be blown. Asuka is being positioned as the cat’s meow as she enters RAW, and it is clear that the former NXT women’s champ is destined to do big things once she hits RAW.

And she’s already shattered tremendous WWE milestones while residing in NXT: longest-reigning WWE champion in recent years, holding onto that NXT Women’s title for 510 days (that may have been longer had she not been injured – who knows) and she recently shattered Goldberg’s undefeated streak, marking it as her own. Thinking about the Women’s Revolution, for a female to override a record set in stone by a male superstar, well, that’s huge.

Plus, this is what she’s done on the developmental brand, only being employed with the WWE for about two years now.

Which leads me to believe that after Asuka defeats Emma at TLC, with potentially a minor program in the aftermath, she’ll have her sights set on Alexa Bliss and that WWE Championship. It won’t be long before she’s crowned RAW Women’s Champ.

I bordered with speculation on how long it would take for Asuka to be launched in the Women’s title race picture and after this past Monday night, I’m going to guess pretty soon. Some indicators for me were that fact that first, there was a fatal five-way match to determine her competitor; a sign to that elevates the character significantly (as if debuting on a PPV doesn’t do that in itself). Secondly, her opponent is a heel, which probably means the Asuka character will be positioned as a face in the main roster, further indicating to me that she just may be the female superstar being positioned to knock the current top female heel in Alexa Bliss, off her throne.

Looking at the calendar as well, keeping in mind that Asuka will most likely battle Emma for a bit and Bliss will probably have more than just one match with Mickie James, as their feud seems to be shaping up nicely, it just may be something timed well for Wrestlemania season.

Still, I’m excited about Asuka’s debut at TLC and to see how this character will roll out on RAW. It’s always a nice change to see a superstar being build up for a debut, rather than the surprise arrival, and I’m looking forward to seeing how her story will unfold on the main roster.

WNZ fans! Are you excited about Asuka’s pending debut? Do you think the WWE is doing a nice job in building the character up? Leave your comments below!

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