What intrigues me the most about watching RAW right now is the internal tug-of-war between old school and new school wrestling values. Often time, the new school values win out and crap the bed when executed — and for good reason. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. With Hunter & Stephanie’s rise to power and Vince McMahon still lurking in the background, the real life internal McMahon battles are playing out on television. They see themselves as the top stars of the company. The old principle of a booker trusting themselves the most remains true.

Some of the lessons we’re learning are quite fascinating on a psychological level. Let’s view those lessons through Monday’s presentation.

For example, the Authority decided that they needed to take a vacation while RAW was in Manchester, United Kingdom. So, they’ll travel to California from New York on a 5-hour flight for an American show but won’t extend the same courtesy to British fans. And, do tell, what kind of publicly-traded corporation fails to announce contingency plans for leadership when the bosses are taking a vacation or a leave of absence? Pesky little details.

At least they figured out how to mimic reality by feeding powerless Brad Maddox to Randy Orton in order to try to calm down their disgruntled employee. So much for him being confident that he’s really the face of the WWE.

The Authority said they came back to make sure that they would put a stop to the chaos. Someone forgot to send that memo to creative and the announcers when debating why Curtis Axel is no longer associated with Paul Heyman. Who dumped whom? Apparently it doesn’t matter now that Axel is headed down the cards as a jobber after losing his meaningless belt to Big E. Langston. Axel was using Heyman for a title shot? Wasn’t the whole point of the Punk/Heyman program about Heymam using and manipulating Punk and vice versa?

So much for stopping the chaos.

When it comes to burying wrestlers, nobody does it better than the WWE. Just ask Kofi Kingston & The Miz. Kingston is in the worst position of all – a talented babyface who gets jobbed out all the time and is made to look gullible & stupid in the process. The Miz had no problem playing into that by abruptly turning heel on him in a tag match against the Real Americans. Kofi vs. Miz is a program that will do neither any favors. Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow were relegated to a musical instrument gimmick match. When Damien Sandow was booked on a jobbing streak before Money in the Bank, we wondered if WWE had any idea what direction they wanted to go with him. When he won Money in the Bank, the assumption was that Sandow was finally going to get his chance to make a name for himself. They promptly put him in a title match against a damaged John Cena on RAW and the one-armed Cena beat him.

Welcome to your future, Xavier Woods.

So, WWE doesn’t know how to keep up with their own storylines from week-to-week and they have trouble figuring out what to do with talent that hasn’t main-evented in the last 10 years. But surely a publicly-traded company would at least have an ounce of compassion for wrestlers who fall ill during money-making European tours… right? WWE apparently decided to send AJ Lee a message about getting sick on the European tour. WWE is the same company that sends out its wrestlers to help advertise anti-bullying campaigns. This same organization decided to mock AJ Lee in their fantasy land of storylines by having Vickie Guerrero pretend to faint on multiple occasions to send home the message that as long as you are working for the WWE, by God you have given up your right to get sick in the ring because that just doesn’t make WWE look good. It’s all about the image, kids. This is classic Vince at his worst.

At least WWE knows how to send the fans home happy, right? Over the last several PPVs, that hasn’t exactly been the case with all those screwjob endings. They promptly blamed Daniel Bryan for the shows not drawing. So, the Authority decided to tell Randy Orton that The Shield wasn’t going to help him out in his title match against The Big Show at Survivor Series. What a relief. There certainly won’t be any interference in that title match now that WWE has made us that promise.

I’m sure The Authority will find another crowd-pleasing way to handle Survivor Series. It’s not like they’ve gone on television before and said that you’ll pay for whatever dog food they want to offer you. They are the most important people in WWE, no matter who is wrestling on the card.

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