I know what people are thinking. WWE doesn’t hate tag teams. I mean, yes, the Hardy Boyz came back, but it’s safe to say WWE sees that pay off in singles programs. And while they have good teams…or even some great ones…I still wonder why WWE hates tag teams.

Why do I think that? Well, no, they haven’t shunned tag teams nearly as much as when The Usos were on top, and there was not much else to look at. I mean, we have gotten a record run by New Day, after all. But honestly, they did just enough to keep the division going. They’ve had chances-and teams-that could have given WWE a tag team surge that we haven’t seen or enjoyed since the days of Hardyz/Edge and Christian/Dudley Boyz, or if you want to go back even further, The Hart Foundation and Demolition, along with The Nasty Boys and Legion of Doom. But instead of going for another golden era, they’ve undermined it.

How so? Look at this…

Enzo and Cass-an extremely popular tag team-were broken up. Yes, many people figured that they’d eventually split, with Big Cass certainly the right kind of guy for a singles run. But they never even got a chance to run with the tag titles. Do I hate the Cass turn? No, not really. I just would have been more patient.

American Alpha-a great young team. They were impressive in NXT. They were drafted during the brand split. They got a taste of gold. And now, they are split up, on different brands, and Jason Jordan is saddled with what may very well end up being one of the worst angles in a good long while. You can’t honestly tell me that they had to be split up now, versus keeping them together for a good run.

That’s only two teams, but it’s two very good teams. This is not them splitting up Rhyno and Slater. That is on top of the mis-use of Gallows and Anderson, the now seemingly injury prone Revival and more.

So, while I might not actually think WWE hates tag teams, it sure does not seem like they see them as viable, long term. They are focused on singles action, which I understand, however the reality is both a singles division and tag team division can co-exist. That just doesn’t happen lately with WWE.

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