With WWE Hell in a Cell just hours away, the WNZ Staff and I have been busily compiling predictions for the upcoming PPV. There are a total of seven matches scheduled to take place at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida including the main event Hell in a Cell contest between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan for the vacant WWE Championship.

Hell in a Cell 2013 is bound to be an exciting and violent affair, so feel free to join the conversation and express your predictions in the comments section.

Without further ado, here are the Hell in a Cell 2013 predictions presented to you by the WNZ Staff:

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Kickoff Match: Curtis Axel (c) vs. Big E. Langston (Intercontinental Championship)

Update from WWE.com – Curtis Axel vs. Big E. Langston has been cancelled due to an injury suffered by Curtis Axel.


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Los Matadores vs. Real Americans

Marshall Ward: This should be tremendous as both Los Matadores and The Real Americans have been wildly entertaining. Expect an explosive “Ole!” chant from the crowd to get this off to a great start as Los Matadores dazzle Swagger and Cesaro with double Suplexes and double back body drops. Cesaro’s Giant Swing on Diego will slow things down, though, as The Real Americans know how to dictate the pace of a match. But in the spirit of great Puerto Rican tag teams like the Invaders and the Super Medics, Los Matadores will showcase their double-teaming talents and natural athleticism with diving cross bodies, Huricanrana’s, and tornado DDTs before picking up the win with a Double Samoan Drop Springboard Senton on Swagger, with the help of El Torito. Ole!

John Deegan: This is a match I could have seen going either way. Los Matadores, being the new hot team, would be hard to see losing. The Real Americans are a solid enough team worthy of the W too. That being said, I see this as a win for Primo and Epico, and I expect to see more hints at a likely Cesaro face turn.

Zach Arnold: A logical finish to keep the program going would be for Swagger to lose or to cost Cesaro the match, planting the seeds for a babyface turn eventually.

Alex Giardini: No way that Los Matadores lose on pay-per-view, but there is a definite chance we see a Giant Swing on El Torito. This should be a solid match and hopefully The Real Americans could become legitimate title contenders one day.

Adrian Fylonenko: Los Matadores are undefeated since debuting about a month ago on Raw. However, out of the six or seven matches they’ve had, six of them have been against Heath Slater’s 3MB. The victories were impressive, but the Real Americans are an extremely talented team who has been underutilized from the get go. My heart is telling me that Los Matadores are going to win, but, I can see Zeb Colter attacking El’ Torito, causing a distraction and resulting in Cesaro rolling up one of the “brothers”.

Jonathan Essington: I think fans of all levels will be pleasantly surprised by this match, pitting two of the best pure wrestlers in the WWE versus a nicely repackaged high-flying duo. There will be comedy, but there will also be solid wrestling. The Matadors are good wrestlers and everyone knows what Swagger and Cesaro bring to the table between the ropes. Look for this feud to continue with a victory by the Matadors.

Results: Los Matadores [5] Real Americans [1]


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AJ Lee (c) vs. Brie Bella (Divas Championship)

Marshall Ward: It may be an antiquated term, but AJ Lee is a credit to the business. She is absolutely engaging in her role and in a league of her own. I’ve really enjoyed the psychology in her feud with Brie Bella, as it’s reminiscent of the memorable battles between Trish Stratus and Mickie James. And though AJ will captivate the Miami crowd with some well-timed Shiranuis and Tilt-a-Whirl DDTs, something tells me Brie will get the win here by disqualification when things get out of hand with Tamina and Nikki at Battleground.

John Deegan: Brie is riding a win streak against AJ into the PPV. So, I think AJ wins this one. Probably a decent enough match, as they’ve both been turning in good efforts. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, odds are the diva to dethrone AJ is not currently on the active roster (unless they turn Tamina).

Zach Arnold: Given that the Bellas are tied to Cena & Bryan, it seems as if the Bellas push will never end and they’ll have a title to celebrate on their reality show.

Alex Giardini: If Brie Bella could not win the Divas title last month at Battleground, why should she win this time around? Of course, she is involved in the Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan feud yet putting the title on her now would be somewhat puzzling.

Adrian Fylonenko: Honestly, this is a really intriguing match up because I really have no idea who is going to win. AJ Lee has been phenomenal as a ferocious, vicious, Jim Ross Jezebel like devil woman of a champion and Brie Bella is trying her best to get over with the dead silent WWE Universe. In their spare time, Daniel Bryan must be teaching his fiance some wrestling moves because Brie continues to get better each and every night on WWE TV. I expect these two Divas to have an entertaining match with Brie Bella getting the win via the Yes Lock! Wow, actually, that would be a pretty cool finish, huh?

Jonathan Essington: AJ Lee. No question about it. This is a make up match because officials didn’t understand why Brie wasn’t being cheered as much as they wanted her to be. Brie may pull off some nice moves and continue to show people that she can somewhat hold her own in the ring, but AJ will win. Wonder how long the Tamina/AJ pairing will last?

Results: AJ Lee [3] Brie Bella [3]


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Cody Rhodes & Goldust (c) vs. The Shield vs. The Usos (WWE Tag Team Championship)

Marshall Ward: This will likely be the curtain jerker and should be an amazing display of athleticism as all three teams have a ton of momentum going into this one. The Usos are one of the most entertaining and cohesive tag teams to watch, resembling some of the great Polynesian teams of yesteryear like Jimmy Snuka and The Tonga Kid. But “The Hounds of Justice” are fierce and masters at cutting the ring in half. Look for them to lay a beating early on to Goldust, before Cody Rhodes makes a hot tag and delivers a picture perfect dropkick to Seth Rollins. The Usos will get some offense of their own in with those vicious kicks to the head and chest, before delivering a Samoan Drop and Superfly Splash on Rhodes. Interference from Dean Ambrose will break the count, as Roman Reigns delivers a power slam to Jimmy Uso. Mayhem ensues as Reigns’ clothesline from hell takes out Goldust. But it will be Rhodes who takes advantage and hits the Cross Rhodes on a weakened Rollins to score the pin. I can see the three teams meeting again at Survivor Series, perhaps in a Fatal Four-Way with The Real Americans thrown into the mix.

John Deegan: I say either the Rhodes Brothers retain, or The Shield recapture the straps here, but keep your eyes on this one. It’s quite possible this match is the match of the night. While I’d love the Usos to finally taste gold, I get a feeling that it’s not quite their time. For me it’s a coin flip, and right now the flip says Cody and Dustin hold on to the belts a bit longer.

Zach Arnold: Makes sense here for Cody & Goldust to retain the belts with help from the Usos fending off Shield, thus setting up Usos vs. Rhodes at Survivor Series. This should be the most intriguing undercard match by far.

Alex Giardini: Taking the titles away from The Rhodes Brothers would be insane at this point, since they have an incredible amount of momentum as of late and in the main event picture on the weekly television shows. This contest could be the dark horse of the night.

Adrian Fylonenko: This has the potential to be the match of the night, considering who the competitors are. All three teams are undeniably talented and Goldust has just been a revelation since coming back and teaming up with his brother. Goldust looks better in the ring right now than he did 8-10 years ago, and that’s really saying something. Both Rhodes brothers have been underutilized throughout their entire careers and seeing them with the tag team gold is too good to give up. Plus, they only won the Titles less than a month ago. I see Goldust picking up the win after pinning Seth Rollins, after Cody hits him with Cross Rhodes. I think the Usos are going to be tag team champions in the very near future, they are very talented, but tonight will not be their time. The Shield are going to go on to do bigger and better things and are the breakout stars of the year in my eyes.

Jonathan Essington: The Rhodes retain, probably with a pin on one of the Usos. I think the Rhodes will keep the belts until the next PPV or December, where a loss splits them and sets up the potential rift that will lead to the WM30 match between the brothers.

Results: Goldust & Cody Rhodes [6] The Shield [0] The Usos [0]


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CM Punk vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman (Handicap Hell in a Cell)

Marshall Ward: It’s been said that Hell in a Cell was built by the wicked, ruled by the ruthless. And while Ryback may “rule,” there is none more ruthless than CM Punk. Welcome to hell, Paul Heyman. It will be a bloodletting (the hard way) of biblical proportions when Punk finally gets his hands on “the mad scientist,” trapped inside two tons of unforgiving steel. As legendary announcer Gordon Solie would say: “His head has been lacerated, his face quickly becoming a crimson mask.” But let’s not forget, Heyman was once ruler of “The Land of Extreme” and will have something up his sleeve in the form of a foreign object. Sneaky and sadistic, look for Heyman to get some dastardly offense in on Punk at opportune times, only to retreat when the Straight Edge Superstar gets the upper hand. Ryback is a bona fide monster and should dominate the first 10 minutes, but his phenomenal strength and aggression won’t be enough to stop Punk’s full-on assault. After an extremely physical match, Punk reverses Ryback’s Shell Shocked finisher with a brutally effective GTS in the center of the ring. Begging for mercy, Heyman pleads with Punk, who will show him none. Punk knocks Heyman on his can with the GTS, ending the match and this highly emotional feud. At Hell in a Cell, Punk wins.

John Deegan: CM Punk vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman (Hell in a Cell): We’ve seen Punk and Ryback before. Adding Heyman might help. I certainly hope so, I don’t think the odds are against Punk, but I do expect that Heyman will have another trick up his sleeve-or under the ring-to help avoid a beating from Punk. I say Ryback and Paul win, letting the feud live on through Survivor Series.

Zach Arnold: This screams of Heyman losing and getting beat up badly to set up the return of Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series.

Alex Giardini: We could finally see CM Punk get his hands on Paul Heyman and if the rumors of unhappiness with Ryback backstage are true, Heyman could break away from the juggernaut and blame him for his beating. Could we see Brock Lesnar appear to save Heyman?

Adrian Fylonenko: I think the promo work between Punk and Heyman has been the highlight during this rivalry. This feud has absolutely nothing to do with Ryback, he is just the muscle and the Brock Lesnar type of guy when the beast isn’t around. (Just wanted to say that I think Ryback has thrived in his role as Heyman’s client. The whole bromance, love connection thing has been hilarious, awkward at times and more importantly, entertaining). Anyways, I think this feud has to continue since we are heading into Survivor Series. I have a feeling that Heyman is going to pin Punk once again and Punk will get his payback at the upcoming PPV. It will be Team Punk vs. Team Heyman, which I am completely okay with. Paul Heyman defeats CM Punk after Ryback delivers a Shell Shock.

Jonathan Essington:  Ryback is easily the most unfortunate big rising star in recent memory. Correct me if I’m wrong (and I may be), but he has amassed an impressive total of one  victory over the course of the PPVs that he’s been featured on. He loses routinely at PPVs and I don’t see this one being any different. Punk gets a win and the feud will probably be blown off at Survivor Series.

Results: CM Punk [4] Ryback & Paul Heyman [2]


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Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. John Cena (World Heavyweight Championship)

Marshall Ward: Like Randy Orton’s RKO, this match came from out of nowhere, as Cena and Del Rio were barely on each other’s radars prior to Cena leaving the active roster due to injury. Regardless, it should be a good match as Del Rio, crafty and always the opportunist will target Cena’s elbow with his double knee arm breaker early on. But Cena will have his working boots on and fire back with a running leaping shoulder block and a diving leg drop bulldog, only to have ADR target the arm once again with his signature arm wringer. Despite the immense pain, the superhuman strength of Cena will prevail in this toe-to-toe battle that takes place midway through the stacked card at American Airlines Arena. Weakened by ADR’s unrelenting efforts to work the arm, Cena manages to endure and delivers a surprise Attitude Adjustment when Del Rio is least expecting. To the delight of the hot Miami crowd, Cena covers ADR to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Whether you like him or hate him, the champ is here.

John Deegan: WWE (corporate) loves Cena. Cena rushes back early from injury. So, Cena should win, right? In all likelihood…probably. But, smart booking has this match ending with Cena empty handed. Whether that means giving ADR a clean, solid win, or allowing Sandow to cash in…I am actually liking ADR for the win.

Zach Arnold: The most logical finish here would be for Cena to win by disqualification and then have Del Rio attack his arm, therefore making it personal and setting up a bigger match at Survivor Series. This is eerily similar to what happened with Hulk Hogan in 1990. He did the jobski to Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania 6 and came back in four months to feud with Earthquake & Dino Bravo. Hogan got a DQ win there and the program continued until Hogan & Warrior teamed up against Slaughter and company. It’s entirely possible to see Bryan & Cena team up against The Authority for Royal Rumble.

Alex Giardini: Who knows how the fans will approach John Cena’s quick return, and in all honesty, if officials decide to put the title on Cena tomorrow night, it proves that they are hesitant to trust any other superstar to take the reins while he is gone. Del Rio is on a decent run, and they should let him retain.

Adrian Fylonenko: I’m not a Cena lover or a Cena hater, but this was such an unexpected match, I don’t know what to think. I think it’s great that Cena is able to return early, even though that may not be a popular decision on this website. It’s truly remarkable that Cena is able to return and get in the ring so quickly after having major surgery. Anyways, I expect John Cena to defeat Alberto Del Rio via DQ. Del Rio will lock in the Cross Arm Breaker and will not let go of the count, just like what happened during his match against RVD Battleground. It’s an unpopular finish, and Cena winning the World Title would be an ultimate feel-good story, but I want this feud to last a bit longer. I think we are going to see a more vicious side of Alberto Del Rio.

Jonathan Essington:  My hope is that Sandow finally cashes in here. With a cash-in, the WWE could really start the makings of a star as Sandow will be squarely opposed to the former face of the WWE, John Cena. I give Cena that win as they’ll love to get the crowd to pop hard for that first victory back after a grueling. But as Cena celebrates, Sandow finds a way to walk out and deprive Cena of his moment. Tons of Cena fans immediately identify him as the guy who spoiled Superman’s return, giving Sandow a bigger platform to continue to prove himself as a star.

Results: Alberto Del Rio [2] John Cena [3] *Sandow Cash-In on Cena [1]


hiac 7

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE Championship, Hell in a Cell with HBK as Special Guest Referee)

Marshall Ward:  It’s a match that both men have to win, and neither man can afford to lose. For Bryan, this match is about honor and pride, looking to once and for all settle the score. Keeping mentally focused will be key as he feels his way through the diabolical structure in the opening minutes of the match, brawling with Orton and pummeling him with kicks and multiple elbow strikes. Wrestling extensively in Japan and Britain, and through the Indies from Full Impact Pro to Ring of Honor, Bryan has proven to be a hybrid, and this match-up will be no different as he adapts his style to the extreme level of violence we can expect from the Viper. Bryan claims that Orton is going to get his “head kicked in,” but I think it will be Big Show — delivering his devastating WMD through one of those holes in the cage — that will knock the 10-time world champion senseless. Can Bryan capture gold at Hell in a Cell? If Michaels calls this one down the middle, the answer, I believe, is a resounding YES.

John Deegan: For yet another PPV, I fully expect the WWE title to be overshadowed by the surrounding storyline. In this case, I think it’s a foregone conclusion that Shawn Michaels will somehow get involved. I call it an Orton win, but something tells me this match has a major surprise in store.

Zach Arnold: Bryan gets the win with Shawn Michaels doing the right thing and not listening to Hunter. I hate the fact that Hell in a Cell, which was a concept to tell the fans that WE REALLY MEAN there won’t be interference. And yet when you look at today’s WWE booking, you almost always try to come up with a swerve or a way for interference to happen. The simplest result here would be the right one. Bryan has to win. If he gets screwed over one more time, he risks being placed into the permanent damaged goods category.

Alex Giardini: There are many possibilities that can arise in the main event with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee, but to have Daniel Bryan win the title after screwing him over for months may not be in the cards. Will Michaels actually help one of the competitors defeat the other? It remains to be seen, yet Orton should walk away with the championship.

Adrian Fylonenko: I have been thinking about this match for about a week now and people are still trying to convince me that Shawn Michaels is going to turn on Daniel Bryan and help Orton win the WWE Championship. That seems like the obvious thing to do, so I don’t think it’s going to happen. I really don’t know what’s going to happen. All I know is that somebody is going to receive a devastating Sweet Chin Music. Another idea I have is for Big Show to ruin the day again, come down to the cage and rip the door open, only to have HBK hit him with Sweet Chin Music. Immediately after the distraction, Orton hits Bryan with an RKO and HBK hesitantly counts to three. So many booking options, so little time. Don’t screw this up WWE!

Jonathan Essington: I’m picking Daniel Bryan to win this one. Should be another well-wrestled match between the two. I’m thinking that HBK will make a call for Bryan that could go either way, thus setting up an antagonistic angle between himself and Triple H. That leads to a feud that may erupt into a future match. Plus, having Daniel Bryan win allows Triple H to no longer be peppered about what he said on this past Monday’s Raw.

Results: Randy Orton [3] Daniel Bryan [3]


Thank you for taking the time to read our predictions and join the conversation by leaving your predictions in the comments section. Enjoy Hell in a Cell!

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