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The WWE returned to pay per view with Sunday’s Hell In A Cell, where a title changed hands and eight matches were shoved down our throats. Overall, the 5 plus hours moved along but the show felt slightly bland at times. Somewhere in that mix of ordinary, five wrestlers that left Hell In A Cell as real winners. If you missed Hell In A Cell, be sure to check our results.

Brock Lesnar

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Fans were not happy how the pay per view went off the air, but I cannot place blame on Brock Lesnar or any of the wrestlers for that matter. If blame is to be pointed, look at the booking decisions. As for Lesnar, there were not even rumors about him appearing at Hell in a Cell. When Lesnar’s music hit, the fans went ballistic and that might have been one of Lesnar’s biggest pops dating back to the start of his Universal Championship reign. I have no clue what WWE’s plans are for Lesnar following Crown Jewel. Honestly, I figured we would not see Lesnar until WrestleMania 35 or the following night.

Becky Lynch

We do not know if Becky Lynch is a face or heel, but we do know she is the SmackDown Women’s Champion. There were no dirty tactics used as Charlotte Flair was cleanly pinned. Even though this is Becky’s second title reign, the first was short and forgettable; making this time around even more special. After coming up short for so long, Becky deserves this title win. People keep comparing the new Becky to a certain Steve Austin and we all know how high his career went. Looking at how deep the women’s division is, a case can be made that Becky is somewhere in the top three.

Jeff Hardy

It is astounding to think that Jeff Hardy never participated in a Hell in a Cell Match before Sunday. Being locked inside a Cell that is full of weapons is almost a second home for Hardy. He brought in the tables, ladders and chairs as many expected. Before the pay per view began, Hardy promised to create a moment that would keep fans talking. He delivered on the promise as the match showed how violent the Cell can actually be. Oh, and there was the spot when Hardy reached the top of the Cell’s inside structure and then came crashing down onto a table. Moves like that are done to write superstars out of storylines for the foreseeable future.

Dolph Ziggler & Seth Rollins

All four men in the RAW Tag Team Championship match delivered. RAW literally took their best superstars and put them in the same match. Not only was the tag match fire, but they then returned for the main event and fought atop the Hell in a Cell. I could not pick everyone, so Dolph Ziggler & Seth Rollins got the nod because they also went through a pair of announce tables in a sick spot. If this is only the beginning of the feud between those four, the rest of the roster is going to need a miracle to try and top anything they produce.

AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

I promised only five names, yet AJ Styles and Samoa bring the actual to number seven. Again, here was a hitting match were both superstars worked well together and this allowed them to showcase their talent. They seemed to feed off each other and never seemed to let the pace slow. The ending was lame and beyond overdone, but that took nothing away from what they created inside the ring. Even with great wrestlers, feuds sometimes drag on for too long and fans lose interest. With Styles and Joe, they keep things fresh.

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