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With the show now just days away and the card looking pretty settled (barring injury or late changes), it’s time to dive into John’s predictions!

Bludgeon Brothers versus Gallows and Anderson-SmackDown Tag Championship

I am basing this prediction almost solely on the relatively low amount of hype this match has gotten. It’s sort of sad, I think (but I am biased, I love tag team wrestling). That said, as much as I do want to see the Good Brothers get another reign, it’s not going to happen here and now. Perhaps things lead to a change at SummerSlam, but for now, Bludgeon Brothers retain.

Daniel Bryan versus Big Cass

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The Creative Team did enough on Tuesday to lay the seeds for a Cass win, by way of Daniel “injuring his leg”. Cass I suppose is going to end up targeting the supposed bad wheel of Bryan, and if I had to guess, we may get a count out win for Big Cass in Chicago. This will then leave things open for a SummerSlam re-match.

Roman Reigns versus Jinder Mahal

Mahal has been on a roll the last couple weeks, seemingly getting the better of Roman whenever he can. Will that streak continue in Chicago? I think so. I really expect Singh to get involved (as always), and a Mahal win sets up their finale for Brooklyn (likely a cage match or some other keep-Singh-out stipulation).

Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match

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Right now, I am really thinking it comes down to either Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch or Charlotte. Which of course means it will be none of the three. But, I think they’ve been talking up Becky a lot, about how close she was last MITB match, and they need her to be relevant again. If it’s Charlotte or Alexa (and the women’s title matches have not yet happened), I think there’s a high chance for a cash in on the same night. My call here is Charlotte.

AJ Styles versus Shinsuke Nakamura-SmackDown World Title/Last Man Standing

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I have this weird feeling that WWE is going to finally put the belt on Nakamura now. I kind of feel like they either have to do that, or just wrap this program up. So my guess is Shinsuke finally does win the belt.

Carmella versus Asuka-SmackDown Women’s Championship

I think this one ends up in Asuka’s favor, but I have a funny feeling she’s going to win and then get cashed in on. Almost like she’s on a reverse run of luck…start her WWE career in NXT with an amazing run of wins, and now since she’s had the biggest matches of her career, things haven’t gone so smoothly. So my call is an Asuka win, but she won’t leave with the belt.

Bobby Lashley versus Sami Zayn

Hopefully WWE has noticed that this feud isn’t getting too much interest. I know of no one really looking forward to this match. I mean, it could be a good match, but that doesn’t mean it will make people pay attention. I give the win to Lashley here.

Seth Rollins versus Elias-Intercontinental Championship

Now, this is a tough one. As rumors swirl that Rollins is destined to face Brock Lesnar in August, would WWE do it with Seth still champ? I mean, him being the IC champ would not preclude him from a world title match, but I think Seth enters that match without any gold. And, as over as Elias is, I think a title run makes sense (and has made sense for a bit now). I say Elias gets the title here.

Nia Jax versus Ronda Rousey-RAW Women’s Championship

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I have not decided how this one goes, other than I think it won’t end cleanly. I don’t think Rousey gets the title so soon, unless WWE is intent on selling her as something akin to Dean Malenko’s “Shooter” gimmick, where the Man of A Thousand Holds could end the match in a blink with any submission he wanted to. That wouldn’t be a bad one for Rousey either, but I just don’t see it here. I could see a briefcase coming into play, depending on who wins (for now, I have it being cashed in on Asuka). My call is either Nia leaves as champ, or someone else does (and it wouldn’t be Rousey).

Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match

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Strowman is front and center in the ads. He overcame the odds and beat three men on Monday. He’s not winning this match.

My honest to goodness favorite? The Miz. I think he’s due for a main event push. He had it before, he can do it again, and he’s worthy. If it does not go to Miz, I favor someone like Samoa Joe, or a very outside shot of Bobby Roode. Joe really deserves more title chances, since he damn near beat Brock last year. Roode would be an interesting move-he’s been good since his call up, but he’s not exactly getting the fans to pop either. Giving him the briefcase would be an interesting vehicle for him indeed.



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