WWE Night of Champions 2013 is only hours away and considering there are a number of high profile bouts, the PPV is bound to be entertaining and electric. Night of Champions is taking place at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan and is headlined with a main event WWE Title match featuring Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. The Joe is only fifteen minutes away from where I live and it’s not that I couldn’t get tickets…I just really wanted to organize and structure these WNZ Staff Predictions instead (You’re welcome). With that being said, here are our predictions and we hope you enjoy the PPV.

The Real Americans vs. Prime Time Players vs. Tons of Funk vs. The Usos vs. 3MB (Tag Team Turmoil Match)

John Deegan: Anyone other than PTP or the Usos and I will be shocked here. After their past chances, I would not object to Jimmy and Jey taking another shot at the belts, but my money is on Darren Young and Titus O’Neill to become the new #1 contenders.

Alex Giardini: With the sudden rise of Darren Young and The Prime Time Players since his coming out, it would be expected for them to beat the other four teams in this matchup. 3MB have lost to nearly everyone in the company, The Real Americans have been treated poorly (at least Cesaro), Tons of Funk would be a ridiculous choice to award them with a victory with nothing to gain and The Usos – well, they are on the other side of the coin. The Usos could get the win here, but The Shield have pretty much casted them aside – let us get some fresh tag team matchups.

Jimmy Bellamy: The Prime Time Players will continue to roll with their momentum (which Michael Cole reminds us about every two minutes PTP are on TV). JBL is in love with Titus O’Neil; I’m not sure they’re ready, but it’s clear that WWE is trying to make them stand out. The Real Americans are a terrific bunch with the gimmick and Antonio Cesaro (one of the best wrestlers in the world), but NOC won’t be their night.

Matt Busch: The only logical winner of this match has to be the Prime Time Players. They have been booked strongly lately and are finally going to be given an opportunity to shine under the bright PPV lights. Here’s hoping they come up big in their biggest opportunity yet.

Marshall Ward: Los Matadores will be the last minute substitute for one of these teams — I’m guessing Tons of Funk — as Primo and Epico’s new gimmick will have the Detroit crowd chanting “Ole!” from the very start of this dazzling pre-show match. And while the Real Americans will get some early offense in on the Usos, it will be the Prime Time Players and Los Matadores who will dominate the second half of the match, bashing 3MB to the delight of the crowd. Los Matadores will pick up the win with a monkey flip on Heath Slater as the other teams battle it out on the floor. WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana will be proud.

Zach Arnold: PTP seems to have the momentum and you need a babyface unit against the Shield. They go over.

Jonathan Essington: The Prime Time Players are getting a huge push in light of recent out of the ring developments, so look for them to win the pre-show match and then go on to face the Shield. The PTP does have a nice set of tandem moves and Titus seems like he’s a star waiting to shine, so this could be a good thing for a tag team that should have been pushed a while ago. If they’re going to push the PTP, they should start featuring them more on TV and giving them segments. These two create some funny, unique promos and segments, so why not capitalize on that ability.

Adrian Fylonenko: Ever since Darren Young’s “announcement’, Vince McMahon has turned the Prime Time Players into babyfaces overnight and they’ve been undefeated since. Since the Rollins and Reigns are heels, it makes sense for a face tag team to face the corporate thugs. The Usos have already had their chance and I don’t think Tons of Funk are going to go over, so expect the meteoric rise of the Prime Time Players to help them pull off the victory and face the Shield on the official Night of Champions card.

Prime Time Players [7] The Usos [1] Los Matadores [1] Tons of Funk [0] The Real Americans [0] 3MB [0]

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns (c) vs. Winners of Pre-Show (WWE Tag Team Championship):

John Deegan: Hard fought match, but I really think that wrestling two matches in one night against the teams they will have faced will work against the PTP. I expect The Shield to retain here.

Alex Giardini: Let us assume the winners of the pre-show match are either The Prime Time Players or The Usos – The Shield need to win to solidify their status as the henchmen or the security of “The New Corporation” – it would not be a good look for them if they are to drop gold. If The Shield is as big and bas as the company suggests, they should walk away with another win, and in the near future put another team over that is more of a legitimate threat to them.

Jimmy Bellamy: The Shield will win no matter who it faces. That said, it’ll be the Prime Time Players who come out on top in the preshow Turmoil match. Reigns and Rollins look good with the gold. No need to take the titles off their shoulders.

Matt Busch: The Shield will most likely take on the Prime Time Players in this match and I fully expect the match to be a solid one. The Shield are the likely winners in this one. They certainly are going to retain their Tag Team belts. The only question is how. I think they get the pin after a vicious spear from one Roman Reigns and The Shield once again defend their championship.

Marshall Ward: This has Los Matadores (Primo and Epico) written all over it, and what a way for them to debut their new gimmick by beating Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for the tag team titles. In the spirit of great Puerto Rican tag teams like the Invaders and Super Medics, Los Matadores will showcase their grace and natural abilities in the ring with diving cross bodies, hurricaranas, and tornado DDTs. The end will come with a double knee backbreaker (a nod to Carlito) on Seth Rollins, as new tag team champions are crowned. Ole!

Zach Arnold: As long as The Shield are positioned as goons for Hunter, they’re going to remain strong. They win.

Joe Randazzo: Reigns and Rollins will probably take on Tons of Funk and win. The only reason I see ToF winning the battle royal and face the champs is to give the Funkadactyls air time for Total Divas promotion. No children will be dancing at the end of this match. If they do hopefully they’ll end up on the wrong end of a Shield Triple Power Bomb.

Jonathan Essington: I know that as the Corporation’s security detail, the Shield doesn’t need to continue winning each match to maintain their position on the card. Hell, with their close association to the establishment they could all lose their titles but still maintain their importance as a group to most fans. Despite that, I still think the Shield will hold these titles for a while to bring some prestige, value, and prominence back to the tag titles. They will win this match.

Adrian Fylonenko: I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Rollins and Reigns will retain the WWE Tag Team Titles after defeating the Prime Time Players.

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns [8] Other [1]

AJ Lee (c) vs. Brie Bella vs. Natalya vs. Naomi (Divas Championship):

John Deegan: AJ Lee is the top draw in the Divas division at the moment. She is cutting good promos, she’s performing well enough in the ring. I expect her to keep the strap, though this match has the potential to be entertaining-though I expect it to be brief.

Alex Giardini: After arguably the best shoot in Divas history, why have AJ Lee drop the title? If she does, Natalya seems like the best option – her wrestling pedigree is amongst the best in the division, and it would setup a decent feud between the two since Natalya and Brie’s feud seemed a little too fabricated for reality television and is pretty stale at this point. Still, AJ should retain – unless the company contradicts her words and decides to award the title to one of the stars of “Total Divas,” which would be upsetting.

Jimmy Bellamy: This one has myriad possibilities for a finish, but it will be Natalya who gets her due and wins the Divas title. She’ll be able to use it as a boost on “Total Divas” since the series started with her being left off the WrestleMania XXIX card. She’ll also be able to prove AJ wrong, showing that she shouldn’t be lumped in with some of the other cast members as no-wrestling-talent women.

Matt Busch: The Diva’s division has been as strong as it has been in a very long time. The added drama added from Total Divas helps add fuel to the fire of this match. AJ Lee should be the favorite but I am riding the wave of momentum that Natalya has been on and I’m picking her to win the belt and continue a feud with AJ for the next few months. If nothing else this will give Natalya storylines on Total Divas next season.

Marshall Ward: Though the odds are stacked against AJ, it will be Brie, Natalya and Naomi who come up on the losing end of this Fatal Four-Way. Look for a serious beat down on AJ until Naomi or Brie land a misguided back elbow to Natalya’s face as things begin to heat up. Strategically, AJ will need to be smart in this one, hitting Shiranuis and Tilt-a-Whirl DDTs at just the right time, while finding innovative ways to escape all the double-and-triple-teaming. A great ending would have Naomi locked in Natalya’s Sharpshooter, just as AJ makes Brie tap out to her Black Widow finisher. Let’s light it up!

Zach Arnold: It would be most interesting to see Nattie and Brie cost each other the shot to win the belt. I’ll stick with that premise and say Lee retains.

Joe Randazzo: This won’t be a match as much as its promotion for Total Divas. If you play the How-Many-Times-Will-Michael-Cole-Mention-The-E-Network Drinking Game you’ll probably die of Jack Daniels asphyxiation. I think AJ this win in the end. The promo she spat out a few weeks ago had all the rebellion of Stone Cold Steve Austin with a vagina. She isn’t losing after something like that.

Jonathan Essington: I want AJ to retain here. Hopefully, the match gets decent time, and we see AJ get good one on one time with Natalya or Naomi. If she does get one on one time with Natalya, let’s hope no miscues occur like the one that cause AJ to tap out twice on Raw not too long ago. With a good performance from Naomi, this match could make a star out of her.

Adrian Fylonenko: There are only two options here: AJ Lee retains the Divas Title or Natalya wins the Fatal 4-Way match and becomes the new champion. Word on the street is that AJ is dropping the title to one of the stars of Total Divas. If that is the case and Natalya doesn’t win, it’d be a huge embarrassment to female wrestlers everywhere. Brie Bella should not be champion and if she is, I’ve given up all hope when it comes to the Divas division.

AJ Lee [6] Natalya [3] Naomi [0] Brie Bella [0]

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler (United States Championship):

John Deegan: While I wouldn’t be surprised to see zero title changes out of the PPV, my gut tells me at least one changes hands. With their involvement in the corporate angle, all of the belts held by the Shield almost feel lost in the shuffle. They don’t “need” the belts. I can easily see Dolph getting his hands on a belt again. However, in the end I feel Ambrose will retain, again.

Alex Giardini: Dolph Ziggler is a lot more valuable to the company than to put him in the United States championship match and even if the company is rumored to be punishing him, putting the U.S. title on him would not make much sense. A lot like Reigns and Rollins, Ambrose would keep the strap to prove that the three members of The Shield have a moniker to live up to. It remains to be seen if Ambrose beats Ziggler clean, but he should beat him.

Jimmy Bellamy: Dean Ambrose will win, but it won’t be clean. He’ll get a little help from his Shieldmates or the McMahons. If this match happens, it’d be a good opportunity to turn Big E Langston babyface and have him help Ziggler.

Matt Busch: Ziggler is being punished by the WWE. You can just see it. He was given a jobber entrance on Raw and then took a beat down from Bray Wyatt. Just five months ago Ziggler was one of the most over stars in the company and it’s sad to see where he is now. There is no way that Ziggler pulls the belt off of Ambrose right now. Ambrose wins and retains, you can write that one in ink.

Marshall Ward: This one’s the curtain jerker, and will surely captivate the hot Detroit crowd as Ziggler attacks first with a series of picture perfect dropkicks and jumping elbow drops before cranking on his head stand head lock. This will slow down the pace until Ambrose fights back with a snap DDT followed up by a twisting elbow drop. With Ziggler hung up in the ropes, Ambrose goes for his running front drop kick, but Ziggler dodges it and delivers his signature Zig Zag. Back and forth, the two interact in a physical display of one-upmanship in one of the best matches of the night, that is, until the Shield make their presence known at ringside. With the referee distracted, Ambrose gets in some underhandedness with a foreign object to the head of Ziggler, scoring the cheap pin with a role up and retaining the title. Keep calm and believe in the Shield.

Zach Arnold: Ziggler will win. They need a babyface with a win on the anti-Establishment team. If Shield beats PTP for the tag belts, then Ambrose can lose to Dolph and you get your undercard split there for the night.

Joe Randazzo: Somehow Dolph Ziggler has fallen from the World Heavyweight Title hunt and found himself in the U.S. Championship program. As much as I want him to win, the heels have too much momentum. I can’t see Ambrose leaving without the strap. The Shield will do their dirty work and help Ambrose out.

Jonathan Essington: Him being in this match is a huge drop from a time when he was supposed to be in the SmackDown Main Event scene, but he’s serving out a punishment. On this week’s Podcast of the Immortals, I predicted that I saw Ziggler winning by DQ, and I’m going to stick with that pick. Ambrose keeps the title, but I can see Ziggler continuing to serve out his “punishment” by being decimated after the match. The finish to this match may be like the finish to the Ambrose/Ziggler match on SmackDown, without the Usos to make a save.

Adrian Fylonenko: Ziggler deserves to be in the World Heavyweight Title scene, but instead he’s going to job to the United States champion. Don’t get me wrong, Ambrose is a stud in the ring, but he should be wrestling somebody else. Ziggler isn’t at the point in his career where he can afford to put younger guys over. He isn’t a Rob Van Dam or Chris Jericho. He needs more accolades. Ambrose will defeat Ziggler thanks to a distraction by the other members of the Shield.

Dean Ambrose [6] Dolph Ziggler [2] Dolph Ziggler *DQ [1]

CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel:

John Deegan: I see two finishes, maybe three here. The first, Punk wins clean, gets his revenge and moves on. I don’t see this as likely because this angle is one of the two big ones running now. Second, and one I am partial to, is Punk dominating Heyman after eliminating Axel, only to be blindsided by either a returning Brock Lesnar, or a new Paul Heyman client making the save. Only other way would be to somehow tie this in with the corporate angle, thus saving Paul’s skin. I expect Paul to bring in another Heyman guy to ensure he survives.

Alex Giardini: There is a number of scenarios that could come into effect for this match – Punk could win, and then pummel Paul Heyman – which would open the door for a Brock Lesnar return; Axel could retain, with or without Lesnar’s inclusion and have Heyman pin Punk; Heyman could be getting the beating of his life and Axel capitalizes on Punk’s lack of awareness. It would be great for Punk to win the Intercontinental championship and bring it back to the glory days when guys like Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect, Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin used the title to cement their future legacies – yet Axel seems like he is doing a good job with the title around his waist, drawing heat and participating in solid matches. Expect Axel to retain in a controversial way.

Jimmy Bellamy: CM Punk will elevate Curtis Axel to another level in this match before defeating him and getting Paul Heyman to himself. An eliminated Axel will return and help Heyman defeat Punk. If the Intercontinental Championship gets put on the line in this match at the last minute, expect Heyman to win it (against Axel’s wishes) to add interest to the storyline.

Matt Busch: This feud has had its ups and downs. I think something is definitely missing and I think that big missing ingredient is Brock Lesnar. Since it’s fairly obvious that WWE intends to continue this feud and possibly have another Lesnar vs. Punk match in the future, there is no way Punk wins this match cleanly. I suspect Punk eliminates Axel and then Heyman somehow gets the one up on Punk and gets the win.

Marshal Ward: This one reminds me of those historic bouts that took place at the Mid-South Coliseum in the Memphis territory’s ’80s heyday, with Jerry Lawler against The Iron Sheik and his manager Jimmy Hart. Tonight’s the night Punk gets his hands on Heyman, and it won’t be pretty. And though Axel and Punk will go toe-to-toe for much of the match — look for Heyman to even get in a bit of offense — Punk will eventually break Axel down with multiple kicks, Step-Up Enzuigiris, and a springboard clothesline before he knocks him out cold with a GTS. The Detroit crowd will reach a fever pitch as Punk delivers his signature flying elbow drop onto Heyman, busted open the hard way and laying across the Spanish announce table. This one should be explosive as we get closure to one of the most compelling and emotional feuds we’ve seen in years.

Zach Arnold: It feels pretty clear here that Punk will go over, setting the stage for Punk vs. Lesnar at Hell in the Cell. Ever since Axel has been added to the program, things have gotten flat. He’s the classic jock, unfortunately, and not the charismatic jock like his father. For everyone’s sake, I hope they don’t put him over Punk to try to push a kid who just doesn’t fit the WWE mold.

Joe Randazzo: I see Paul Heyman winning this on some bullshit. Curtis Axel will go down easily and Paul Heyman will get beaten for a few minutes. Out of nowhere we’ll see the return of Brock Lesnar or maybe we’ll see the unveiling of a new Paul Heyman guy. Survivor Series buildup anyone?

Jonathan Essington: As a sophisticated program in the WWE, this feud doesn’t need to end so soon. With that in mind, it’d be hard to extend this feud if Punk won and tore apart Heyman, although with these two minds, I’m sure they’d find a way to do it. I doubt that they can bring Brock into it, because I heard that he’s only agreed to wrestle 3 matches over the course of the contract he signed–Brock’s already wrestled twice since resigning and I’m sure they want him to be involved in WM30. I want Punk to win and then for the writers to find a clever way to continue the angle, but I’m predicting that they’ll go with a Heyman/Axel win to prolong the feud.

Adrian Fylonenko: I’m not very happy about this match because I expected Punk to have somewhat of a high-profile bout, but instead, he is fighting Heyman and his “client” Curtis Axel. Axel has been fairly boring since becoming Heyman’s newest client and a win over CM Punk SHOULD do wonders for him going forward. I expect Heyman/Axel to win the match thanks to Heyman’s newest client coming in and destroying the Second City Saint. Punk will beat Axel, thus eliminating him from the match. He will finally have Heyman one-on-one and the crowd will be going wild, but Wade Barrett will come in, F-5 Punk and Heyman will waddle over and pin the former WWE champion. Remember, Paul Heyman owes Wade Barrett a favor from way back at Survivor Series 2012. With Barrett’s career going downhill, pairing him with Heyman would be a lot better and a lot more entertaining than the Heyman/Axel combo.

CM Punk [3] Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel [6]

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rob Van Dam (World Heavyweight Championship):

John Deegan: I still feel really strongly about a cash-in here. It wouldn’t surprise me. If they allow RVD to win, that’s what I think happens. But I also am still feeling like Ricardo is going to swerve us all and help ADR retain. Either way, RVD won’t leave NOC with the belt.

Alex Giardini: The idea of having Ricardo Rodriguez in Rob Van Dam’s corner is not a bad one but it still seems a little odd. It is working, and it may be shades of Bill Alfonso from ECW however it does not give us that nostalgic feeling. It is highly doubtful that there will be multiple heel crossovers on one event (we should not however rule out the possibility) although Ricardo could reunite with Del Rio, making this a plot from them all along to trick RVD. If that does not come into play, Del Rio should be expected to retain but giving RVD the title would not be too farfetched either. With that being said, should this feud continue – RVD should get the win with Ricardo’s help however Del Rio should retain by cheating his way to victory.

Jimmy Bellamy: Every Alberto Del Rio match looks vicious. And I think he’s paying the price for it. Expect ADR to drop the World Heavyweight Championship to RVD and take a little break to rest what I imagine is a pretty beat-up body. There’s speculation that Damien Sandow will cash in his Money in the Bank contract and take the belt from Van Dam, but I’m going to be contrarian and say it won’t happen at Night of Champions. RVD walks away champion into “Monday Night Raw.”

Matt Busch: I’ve been a big fan of Del Rio’s current run as World Heavyweight Champion. I think his style has greatly improved in the ring. RVD, while having solid matches since returning, doesn’t seem like a good fit for the belt right now. I think he is more valuable right now as a veteran who can put over the younger talent and I think that is what will happen here. My pick is Del Rio to retain.

Marshall Ward: On a recent episode of SmackDown, Alberto Del Rio told Rob Van Dam: “You may have the Rolling Thunder, but I’m going to rain on your parade.” But it will be Damien Sandow who storms the ring afterwards, cashing in his Money in the Bank contract to defeat the new World Heavyweight Champion. Look for ADR to dominate the match early against RVD with belly-to-back and German Suplexes, followed by a double knee breaker. RVD will retaliate with spinning wheel kicks, a split-legged Moonsault, and a viscous Van Terminator using a chair, held in the corner by Ricardo Rodriquez while the referee is down. The Whole F’n Show hits the Five Star Frog Splash for the win, only to lose minutes later to Damien Sandow. Battleground will be where we’ll see a true classic though, when the reigning champion and Intellectual Savior of the Masses meets the educated feet of RVD in front of a hot Buffalo crowd, who remember ECW’s glory days in “The Queen City.”

Zach Arnold: If they want to keep the feud going, RVD wins. However, the feud hasn’t exactly helped either guy out. Both guys are stuck in cement as far as their position in the company goes and the Ricardo Rodriguez babyface experiment has fell flat. If they want to end things now and go in a different direction, Del Rio wins. For the time being, I think RVD wins simply because they’ve ran out of ideas for both guys. RVD came back to WWE, had an awesome match with Chris Jericho, and then has had some good matches with other guys like Randy Orton only to get jobbed out.

Joe Randazzo: I think Vince McMahon has some insiders in Congress who know marijuana will be legal and this is the perfect time for Mr. Monday Night to be champion. RVD has this great gimmick right now where he just wrestles and doesn’t bitch into a microphone. It’s Memphis wrestling-esque.

Jonathan Essington: I think that RVD will actually win this match…for no other reason than I think Sandow will cash in against RVD and then create a nice feud. Van Dam’s been booked fairly strong in this feud with Del Rio. He’s won 2 out of the 3 matches between the two men, pinning Del Rio both times. With that in mind, Sandow becomes more odious if he cashes in after the much-adored veteran finally wins the WHC and robs him of a “deserved” title reign. Recently, RVD and Sandow had a few matches that could be a prequel for the feud, and Sandow defending against RVD would set him up well for the rest of his WHC run.

Adrian Fylonenko: This is an interesting match, where a lot can happen. Word on the rumor street is that Ricardo Rodriguez is going to turn on RVD and align himself with Alberto Del Rio again, but I think that’s going to happen. At least not this early. RVD has been on fire since returning to the WWE and I expect both he and Del Rio to put on one hell of a vicious and hard-hitting performance. As for the winner, I’m going to think out of the box on this one. Rob Van Dam wins the World Title and has a great feel-good moment afterwards.

Alberto Del Rio [ 3] Rob Van Dam [4] RVD+Sandow Cash-In [2]

Randy Orton (c) vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE Championship):

John Deegan: I actually expect Bryan to win-but it will be by DQ. WWE may look to book Bryan to get the win but not have Orton lose the belt. Done right, it won’t hurt Bryan’s momentum and it will just give Orton, HHH etc. that much more heat. It’s way too early in this program for a Bryan victory clean, and I believe a DQ, while annoying to fans, drives things forward.

Alex Giardini: As over as Daniel Bryan is right now, being the face of the company and having nearly the entire crowd on his side (reminiscent of how the fans treated Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in their prime), it only makes sense that Randy Orton will carry the title until the end of the year. What remains a mystery is how this match will conclude – it seems obvious that The Shield and Triple H will implicate themselves however a corporate heel term from The Big Show could be a possibility as well – to further prove to the fandom that Bryan’s chances of winning the title are slim to none.

Jimmy Bellamy: It’s too early to take the title off Randy Orton. The dominant, currently nameless heel faction will grow by at least one member when the Big Show screws Daniel Bryan with a knockout punch to help Orton retain the WWE Championship. Bryan isn’t going anywhere, though. His climb to the top will continue into Survivor Series. Expect this match to be a fun one despite the predictable result.

Matt Busch: It’s a shame but the biggest match on the card may be the easiest to predict. This feud will continue for a while as the WWE will continue to stack the odds against Daniel Bryan. It is much too early for Bryan to win the strap. I fully expect for Triple H and the McMahon regime to screw over our bearded hero in some fashion to give Randy Orton the win once again.

Marshall Ward: This should be tremendous. One need only watch Daniel Bryan’s bouts against Japanese stars like Takeshi Morishima, Go Shiozaki, and KENTA from a few years back to realize what kind of phenomenal match he can have against someone as technically proficient as Orton. Fans should be thrilled by this amazing display of athleticism as the combatants exchange running boots and multiple elbow strikes before Bryan nails Orton with the high knee from the ring apron onto the floor. But like Harley Race always did against Ric Flair, Orton will dictate the pace, eventually dominating with a series of jumping knee drops and a well-time rope hung DDT. Bryan fights back, only to have the Shield interfere as Orton is DQ’d, setting up a rematch at the Battleground PPV, and subsequently Hell in a Cell where Bryan will finally win the belt.

Zach Arnold: The CW (conventional wisdom) here is Orton wins with Big Show turning on Daniel Bryan, further building up Bryan’s checklist of grievances. It’s probably the safe bet, given that on the go-home show they had Bryan get the knee to Orton as a swerve. The CW, however, is boring and I actually think Bryan would personally help the angle out by winning on Sunday night so that it’s the heels on the chase. It won’t happen, unfortunately.

Joe Randazzo: Like I said earlier in the Ambrose prediction, the heels have too much momentum. Randy Orton will probably lose but by disqualification. There’s no way Daniel Bryan is going to finally win the title in a basic Pay-Per-View. WWE writers are going to milk this one until a major pay-per-view because it’s good for business.

Jonathan Essington: Orton’s not losing the title anytime soon. For this story to really hit home, resonate, catapult Bryan to the heights that he deserves, he’ll need to chase the title for a little bit. Additionally, Orton wouldn’t want to hold the title for all of a month before dropping it. The feud becomes more captivating with the more obstacles that Bryan faces and the more traps that the establishment faces. Bryan will likely lose this match and then be forced to fight his way back up to #1 Contender status.

Adrian Fylonenko: I have a feeling that this is going to be a classic Attitude Era style match between two of the biggest stars in WWE today. Along with plenty of near-falls and false finishes, expect referee Mike Chioda to take at least one bump, which will result in Orton using his WWE Title to eventually knock Bryan out. Of course, there are going to be plenty of twists and turns, but regardless of what happens, Bryan is not walking out of Night of Champions as the WWE champion. I expect a dirty finish which will cause Orton to win, or Bryan will defeat the Viper via disqualification. I’m just going to go with Orton pins Bryan.

Randy Orton [6 ] Daniel Bryan [0 ] Daniel Bryan *DQ [3 ]

Thank you for taking the time to read our predictions and commenting. Enjoy Night of Champions!

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