Tonight’s episode of Raw took place in Toronto, Canada and started off with a bang as the WWE Universe welcomed back the Rated R Superstar, Edge, who hosted the Cutting Edge and had a very entertaining war of words with Triple H. The crowd was hot for most of the night as they witnessed nine matches, including Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose and Goldust (yes Goldust) vs. Randy Orton. Here are the overall highs and lows from Monday Night Raw:

Best Match: There is going to be a trend in this week’s “Nutshell” article. I enjoyed tonight’s Raw and there was a lot going on so it was difficult to choose just one person or one event to win each award. So if you feel cheated that there were two winners for multiple awards, sue me. Anyways, there were two good matches tonight; Randy Orton vs. Goldust and Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose. I would rate Orton vs. Goldust a little bit higher than the main event, but that’s mainly because I expected a lot more out of Bryan and Ambrose…and the fact that Goldust was outstanding. In my opinion, Goldust and Orton stole the show and the Viper made the Bizarre One look like a million bucks. Bryan vs. Ambrose was in between good and great, but as stated before, I expected more out of these two. Considering Night of Champions is less than a week away, I’ll give these two former Indy wrestlers a break.

Crowd Chants of the Night: During Raw’s first segment, the crowd went wild with chants of “Edge”, “Yes”, “Daniel Bryan”, “Randy sucks” and “Asshole”, which was directed towards Triple H.  During the Dolph Ziggler vs. Bray Wyatt match, the crowd chanted “Let’s go Ziggler’ for a good 10-15 seconds. During the Paul Heyman “examination” segment, the Canadian crowd chanted “This is awkward” and “CM Punk” when the Second City Saint showed up to clean house. During the Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth match, the crowd chanted “RVD” as well as the names of all three announcers. I guess this is a regular thing now, huh?  During the Randy Orton vs. Goldust match, the crowd chanted “Goldust” and “You still got it”. During the main event bout between Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose the crowd chanted “This is Awesome” as they were clearly enjoying what they were seeing in the ring.

Breakout Star of the Night: There were two breakout stars of the night. I was thoroughly disappointed with Bray Wyatt’s first WWE match against Kane at SummerSlam, but tonight, he did a superb job of destroying Dolph Ziggler. Bray is extremely agile in the ring for a big man and he worked tremendously well with Ziggler. Hopefully, Bray Wyatt will continue this momentum and start having good matches on the reg. He is indeed a talented superstar.

I’d like to just give Bray the breakout star of the night award, but my God, didn’t Goldust look absolutely fantastic in his match against Orton? Orton sold Goldust’s punches really well and the Bizarre One looks like he’s in great shape. There were plenty of near-falls and the two worked together crisply as they reversed a lot of moves. The match was smooth and the crowd went nuts when Goldust hit Cross Roads. In the end, Orton hit the RKO and picked up the win.

Fan Sign of the Night: This is the part of the review where readers can comment on what their favorite crowd signs were. What were some cool, funny and clever signs that you saw during tonight’s episode of Raw?

Jobber of the Night: Unfortunately, Dolph Ziggler was the jobber of the night. Hell, even Goldust had a better outing than the Showoff.  This guy is so incredibly talented and he was our World Heavyweight champion about a month ago and it’s a shame that he is now jobbing to guys like Bray Wyatt. Ziggler did his “job” well, though, as he made Bray look top-notch in the ring. Without a doubt, Ziggler deserves better.

Upset of the Night: One of the greatest moments on Raw was Santino getting a huge pop from the Canadian crowd and proceeding to defeat Antonio Cesaro with a roll-up. Santino has been out of action for about a year or so and even though he’s generally used as a jobber, it was shocking and heart-warming to see the Milan Miracle beat Cesaro, who dominated the match.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night: There were two holy sh** moments of the night and they both came during the Antonio Cesaro vs. Santino Marella match. First, the reaction that Santino got from the crowd was amazing, especially since he’s a jobber.

Second, Cesaro pulled off a Giant Swing and swung Santino about 25 times around. It was an impressive feat of strength and the crowd chanted “holy sh**” after the maneuver was finally complete.

Worst Match: The worst match of the night was Kofi Kingston vs. Curtis Axel because it only lasted a couple of minutes and was basically a warm up to get the crowd thinking about the Axel/Heyman vs. CM Punk match at Night of Champions. A minute or two into the match, Axel was kneeing Kingston in the back and didn’t stop the attack after the referee counted to five. There were some other poor contests tonight, but this was by far the worst since nothing really happened.

Logic Fail of the Night: The most illogical thing on tonight’s episode of Raw was the Toronto crowd. They started off the show great, but when things got “boring” or when they were unsatisfied, they chanted a lot of stupid things and tried their best to mimic the now-infamous “night after WrestleMania crowd”. Chanting JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler was cool a few months ago; now, it’s starting to get really annoying. I know that’s a pretty disappointing logic fail of the night, but if there was anything else that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, please leave your comments below.

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Commentary Lines of the Night: “Paul Heyman is so ugly; his razor backs away from his face” – Michael Cole. “Paul Heyman is screwed” – JBL after Kofi Kingston hit Curtis Axel with a Trouble in Paradise.

LOL Moment of the Night: Not only was Edge’s promo cool as hell, but it was also the LOL moment of the night. Edge was taking shots at both Randy Orton and Triple H and even crossed the line when he called Hunter a dick. The passion in Edge’s promo towards Triple H seemed real, and both guys took personal shots at one another, but in the end, Edge won the battle with some great zingers that got the crowd really amped up for Raw. Damn, it was great to see Edge again.

Overall Lowlights: Kofi Kingston vs. Curtis Axel; Dolph Ziggler jobbing; Tag Team Divas match; too many squash matches; The Big Show acting like a child rooting for Daniel Bryan.

Overall Highlights: The Cutting Edge; Edge rocking it on the microphone; Paul Heyman “slipping” on water/Night of Champions promo; Bray Wyatt looked great in the ring; CM Punk taking out the doctor; Zeb Colter anti-Canada promo; Antonio Cesaro Giant Swing; Randy Orton vs. Goldust; Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose.

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