Tonight’s episode of SmackDown took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and featured a total of seven matches, including a main event 4-on-1 Handicap match between the Big Show and the team of the Shield and Randy Orton. The WWE Universe also witnessed an excellent contest between Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler. Here are the overall highs and lows from the Friday Night SmackDown before Battleground:

Best Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler was by far the best match of the night. Ziggler and Del Rio have tremendous chemistry with one another and they proved that once again with an entertaining back and forth contest that featured plenty of near-falls. The only thing missing from this match was that sexy top rope reverse Super Plex that Del Rio always seems to hit Ziggler with every time they fight in the ring.

Crowd Chants of the Night: During the opening segment, all the little kids in the crowd chanted “Big Show” over and over again. When Fandango and Rob Van Dam were squaring off in the ring, the crowd chanted “RVD” multiple times. During the main event, the crowd chanted “Daniel Bryan” and “YES!” hoping for Bryan to come out to save Big Show.

Superstar of the Night: I was going to give Dolph Ziggler the superstar of the night award for putting on one hell of a performance against Alberto Del Rio, but Big Show did a good job during his 4-on-1 Handicap match and deserves to be the superstar of the night. Show seemed to be the sole focus for the entire episode of SmackDown and did a good job getting the crowd to support him and make them feel bad for him.

Fan Sign of the Night: This is the part of the review where readers can comment on what their favorite crowd signs were. What were some cool, funny and/or clever signs that you saw on SmackDown?

Jobber of the Night: Honestly, Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal can be pretty funny at times, but it still doesn’t change the fact that they are jobbers who have won the “jobber of the night” award a record number of times. Trust me, these guys are talented, they just haven’t been given the opportunity to shine.

Upset of the Night: Kofi Kingston defeating Big E. Langston with a roll-up in under a minute was the upset of the night. I’m a fan of both competitors, but did Langston really have to lose to Kofi so fast? It just seems pointless to have an up and coming talent like Langston lose in that type of fashion.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night: The holy sh** moment of the night was Triple H revealing that he paid off the mortgage on Big Show’s house and now the giant owes the Game for “helping” him out. Big Show’s already a wreck on TV and things are bound to get worse in the very near future.

Worst Match: Brie Bella vs. Aksana and Kofi Kingston vs. Big E. Langston were the two worst matches of the night. Kingston and Langston could have been promising if they were given more time, but that’s SmackDown for ya. With the Divas bout, I’ve been impressed with Brie lately, especially with the way she performed against Alicia Fox earlier this week on Raw, but this bout was extremely sloppy and the only highlight was Aksana crawling around the ring seductively. This was nothing more than typical three minute Divas match.

Logic Fail of the Night: Big E. Langston losing to Kofi Kingston in less than one minute is the logic fail of the night. Kofi has been on a roll lately and he got a huge pop from the Baton Rouge crowd, but Langston is an up and coming superstar and losing in this fashion isn’t helping him become a big star. I would have preferred to see Kofi beat someone like Drew McIntyre in less than a minute, that way, it’d make a bit more sense.

Tweets of the Night:



Commentary Lines of the Night: “Dolph Ziggler has to be the most resilient ignoramus I’ve ever met” Damien Sandow needs to be a full-time member of the SmackDown or Raw broadcast team because every time he is on commentary, the dude absolutely kills it. Sandow always stays in character, even outside the WWE, and is the master of improvisation. I can’t wait til’ he cashes in the MITB briefcase and becomes our World Heavyweight champion.

LOL Moment of the Night: There weren’t a lot of funny moments on SmackDown, but something I found humorous was the “present” Alberto Del Rio received from Rob Van Dam, which was the busted up trash can RVD used earlier on against Fandango. RVD hit the Van Terminator on Fandango and will try and keep that momentum going as he faces Del Rio on Sunday at Battleground for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Overall Lowlights: Triple H buying Big Show’s house, RVD vs. Fandango, Brie Bella vs. Aksana, Kofi Kingston vs. Big E. Langston.

Overall Highlights: Opening segment, Alberto Del Rio’s present, Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler, Paul Heyman promo, Bray Wyatt promo, Bryan gets the upper hand heading into Battleground 2013.

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