Friday Night SmackDown took place in Providence, Rhode Island and was headlined by a main event match between World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio and the WWE Title Money in the Bank Ladder match winner Randy Orton. The WWE Universe saw the SmackDown returns of Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Vickie Guerrero and even Vince McMahon made a special appearance. With that in mind, here are the highs and lows from tonight’s show:

Best Match: The main event bout between Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton was the match of the night. Del Rio looked very strong from start to finish and targeted Orton’s “injured” arm/shoulder. These two have great chemistry with one another, which is good, but it’s probably because they’ve wrestled each other over a dozen times in the past year or so. After both competitors hit their signature stuff, Orton reversed Del Rio’s Cross Arm Breaker and hit him with a devastating RKO (out of nowhere!). This match wasn’t anything spectacular, but neither were any of the other matches on tonight’s show. A close second for match of the night goes to Curtis Axel vs. Chris Jericho.

Crowd Chants of the Night: Even though “boo” isn’t a chant, it could not be ignored tonight after Vickie Guerrero was announced as the new General Manager of SmackDown. No doubt, Vickie gets more heat than anybody in the WWE today. During the Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett match, the crowd chanted “YES” and “let’s go Bryan” from the opening bell. This dude is ridiculously over! Also, during Miz TV, the Rhode Island crowd chanted “CM Punk” when Paul Heyman was talking.

Breakout Star of the Night: This award was difficult to determine, but the breakout star of the night goes to Rob Van Dam for defeating Darren Young. I know RVD is a seasoned veteran and has a lot more experience than Young, but this was RVD’s first match on SmackDown for over eight years and it seems like he is going to be competing on a regular basis. By the way, every WWE crowd seems to love him.

Fan Sign of the Night: There was a sign that said #FaceZiggler, which I thought was pretty clever. For those who don’t know, Ziggler is active on social media and his Twitter handle has always been “Heel Ziggler”. Throughout Ziggler’s lengthy WWE career, this is the very first time he’s played a face character.

Jobber of the Night: Wade Barrett was the jobber of the night after tapping out to the Yes Lock which was applied by the most over Superstar in the WWE today, Daniel Bryan. The match literally lasted two and a half minutes. Barrett deserves better than to be jobbing as much as he does. He is a three-time Intercontinental champion for crying out loud.

Upset of the Night: The upset of the night was difficult to choose, but Randy Orton defeating Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match was a pretty unsuspecting moment. We’ve seen Curtis Axel defeat Chris Jericho less than a month ago, so therefore, I don’t consider that to be an upset.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night: The most surprising/holy sh** moment of the night goes to Randy Orton for hitting the RKO and defeating the World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio. As for someone who didn’t read the SmackDown spoilers, I found this to be a big surprise. It seems like the WWE is taking a chance and pushing Orton. So, fans of the Viper should be very excited for the future. Another holy sh** moment was when Vickie Guerrero smacked Brad Maddox in the face. It was EXTREMELY loud and looked excruciatingly painful.

Worst Match: Surprisingly, Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett was the worst match of the night, but that’s only because it lasted about two minutes. If these two were given ten or fifteen minutes, they could have produced some high quality entertainment.

Logic Fail of the Night: Vince McMahon hiring Vickie Guerrero was a big disappointment and was the logic fail of the night. Guerrero was just fired from Raw, by the WWE Universe, and Vince comes back and basically fires Booker T, Teddy Long and hires Vickie again. Isn’t the WWE supposed to be about the fans? The fans voted that she should be out!

Tweets of the Night:




Commentary lines of the Night: “All you gotta do is tap that app and it’s all there for you” – JBL explaining how to use the WWE App. I know this may not be a great commentary line, but hearing this come from JBL instead of Michael Cole was pretty funny to me. “Wow, wow that had some malice to it” – JBL talking about Vickie Guerrero slapping Brad Maddox.

LOL Moment of the Night: The Miz TV segment between Miz and Paul Heyman wasn’t supposed to be funny, but Miz telling Heyman that he was revolted by his actions was genuinely hilarious. Anything that involves Paul Heyman is pure gold. If you guys didn’t find that funny, then Curtis Axel screaming “AHHHHHH I HAVE ARRIVED” might have put a smile on your face.

Overall Lowlights: Length of Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger; Vickie Guerrero named new General Manager of SmackDown; Goodbye Chris Jericho.

Overall Highlights: Mark Henry helping The Usos fight off The Shield; Miz TV; Curtis Axel vs. Chris Jericho; Rob Van Dam vs. Darren Young; Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio.

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