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With SummerSlam later today, people are starting to make their final bets. There’s still time for WWE to throw a curve ball and here are insane moments that are plausible. Be sure to join WrestleNewz later for SummerSlam play by play coverage.

Alexa Bliss Pins Ronda Rousey

I have not seen the betting odds, although my gut says Ronda Rousey wins the RAW Women’s Championship at SummerSlam; maybe, even in the main event. While Alexa Bliss could secure the win via disqualification or count out, pinning the former UFC champion would be out there. WWE has shown interest in Bliss by giving her several title reigns and major wins, but Rousey is their biggest star. Rousey’s mainstream level seems to be on the rise and I do not see her getting pinned until maybe WrestleMania 35, at the earliest. That big match would be the rumored Charlotte vs. Rousey, which could headline the show. Then again, Bliss could pull off a major upset.

Roman Reigns Demolishes Brock Lesnar

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There has been so much speculation about Brock Lesnar and if SummerSlam will be his last match or if another contract extension gets signed. Lesnar is certainly using the UFC and WWE as leverage for bigger paydays and perhaps Vince McMahon is tired of spending so much money for little output. Roman Reigns destroys Lesnar for 12 minutes before getting the win. Have Reigns bloody and hit like 6 spears; similar to how many of Lesnar’s matches are booked. If Reigns basically squashes Lesnar, then it would show that “The Beast” and WWE are taking a break. 

UFC’s Daniel Cormier Gets Involved

In the few appearances Brock Lesnar has made in the build to his SummerSlam match with Roman Reigns, WWE has made sure to mention the UFC’s name and several interesting names. Maybe, UFC President Dana White and Lesnar’s future opponent Daniel Cormier will be ringside. Imagine Cormier getting involved and costing Lesnar the Universal Championship. It would be cross promotion between WWE and UFC, two companies worth several billion dollars when combined. It would play great for UFC’s discussed Cormier – Lesnar fight and it is also something that could be done again in WWE. Crazy times in WWE and UFC.

Paul Heyman’s New Client

If Brock Lesnar leaves WWE, Paul Heyman will be without someone to manage. We have seen Heyman be the mouthpiece of Lesnar for so many years and it greatly helped the character. To let Heyman go without even trying to pair him with someone seems crazy. While I like the idea of Asuka working with Heyman, she has no role at SummerSlam. He could help Ronda Rousey, but she is a major face. There is the possibility of a heel turn for Braun Strowman or Roman Reigns, if one of them happens to leave SummerSlam as Universal Champion. Those two are the likeliest to join Heyman.

Dean Ambrose Turns On Seth Rollins

Before Dean Ambrose was injured nine months ago, one of the working WrestleMania 34 matches was Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins. We saw on Monday that Ambrose is back and siding with Rollins, but I still see WWE having those two feud again. The Ambrose heel turn is still months away, or WWE could toss a shocking moment and have the “Lunatic Fringe” make sure Rollins does not win the Intercontinental Championship. We have never seen heel Ambrose in WWE and it might be the tweak his character has desperately needs to stay in the main event scene. It is SummerSlam, so WWE should go a little crazy.

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