With WWE Survivor Series 2013 just hours away, the WNZ Staff and I have been busily compiling predictions for the upcoming November classic PPV. There are a total of seven matches (including the pre-show) scheduled to take place at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts including John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title and Randy Orton vs. Big Show for the WWE Championship.

Survivor Series 2013 is a PPV that has something to prove to the WWE Universe after an underwhelming build-up, so feel free to join the conversation and express your predictions in the comments section below.

Here are the Survivor Series 2013 predictions presented to you by the WNZ Staff:

SS 1

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston (Kickoff Match)

Jimmy Bellamy: All is right in the world now that The Miz has turned back to the dark side. It doesn’t make him relevant, but it ends his terrible run as a babyface. In the battle of creative-has-nothing-for-you guys, Kofi will get the victory to starts things off on a positive note, which probably will lead to another pointless match the next night on “Raw.”

Match Busch: With the Miz recently turning heel on Raw, this random match was thrown together just in time for the PPV. Miz’s run as a face was underwhelming and his heel turn during a tag match with Kingston was just as underwhelming. I wish they would have made his heel turn mean something. If they have any plans for the Miz going forward as a heel I think he will win this match and he is my pick in this one.

Jonathan Essington: (In progress)

John Deegan: So bad, they have to give it away. OK, to be fair, it may not be bad, but if you ask anyone not related to Kofi or Mike, they probably would be more interested in, well, anything but this match. I’ll take Miz here, as a means to set him off on a heel run.

Zach Arnold: Neither guy is well served by this match but since Miz turned heel and heels don’t get buried as badly as undercard baby faces do, go with Miz to get the win in a dirty fashion.

Adrian Fylonenko: Due to his recent heel turn last week on Raw, it only makes sense for the Miz to defeat Kofi Kingston at Survivor Series and go on a decent winning streak. Miz has been irrelevant since his 2011 feud with John Cena came to an end and his baby face didn’t result in him getting over. Miz thrives as a heel and when he is being annoying, cocky and arrogant, he can be extremely entertaining. Miz secretly rips the padding off of the turnbuckle, dodges a move from Kofi which results in the high-flyer hitting his head on the exposed turnbuckle. Shortly after, Miz executes the Skull Crushing Finale and picks up the victory.

Results: The Miz [4] Kofi Kingston [1]

SS 2

Natalya, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Naomi, Cameron, Jojo and Eva Marie vs. AJ Lee, Kaitlyn, Tamina Snuka, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae, Aksana and Alicia Fox (7-on-7 Traditional Elimination Match)

Jimmy Bellamy: The cast from “Total Divas” will win this one, with Natalya getting the win over AJ Lee at the end with a Sharpshooter. Natalya and the Bella’s will be the surviving members.

Match Busch: I must admit that I am actually excited to see how this match turns out. I have been a big fan of the Total Divas show and really enjoy seeing some of the behind the scenes footage. The show has made stars of some divas that before would have been an afterthought. AJ Lee is obviously the class of the Divas division and will be a tough out. However, WWE tends to have their champions lose in non-title matches. I am picking the Total Divas team to get the victory, with Kaitlyn possibly costing AJ Lee the match, reigniting their feud from the summer.

Jonathan Essington: I predict the Total Divas to take the L in this one. AJ’s momentum has been steady since her spellbinding promo in the summer, so she’ll likely lead her team to victory.

John Deegan: Another one of those matches where you really wonder who has pictures of a WWE executive. I’ll give the nod to the non-Divas, but this one was hard to pick, because how much does it even matter…

Zach Arnold: What a giant mess this will be. Go with the baby faces given that WWE is on a rampage to keep promoting the reality TV show.

Adrian Fylonenko: At first I thought that this was going to be a regular tag team match, but on the WWE website it has this bout listed as an elimination match, which I’m not too excited about. I’d say two or three of these Divas are truly gifted in the ring and know what they are doing, so I plan on this being a chaotic mess that will give last week’s musical chairs match a run for its money. I would have much rather preferred to see AJ Lee defending her Divas Title against Natalya. In the end, I expect the Total Divas team to pick up the victory. It will come down to Natalya and Brie Bella vs. AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka and the survivors will be Natalya after she eliminated both Tamina and AJ in quick succession.

Results: Total Divas [5] Anti-Total Divas [1]

SS 4

Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Usos and Rey Mysterio vs. The Shield and The Real Americans (5-on-5 Traditional Elimination Match)

Jimmy Bellamy: The Shield Americans will be too much for the good guys to handle. Antonio Cesaro and Roman Reigns will be the surviving members, with Goldust taking the final loss. This will be an underrated match on the card.

Matt Busch: The tag team division has become so good that three or four teams could realistically hold that championship. I love how they have booked the matches and the in-ring work has been nothing short of fantastic. Having four of the teams represented in this match is awesome. A returning Rey should excite the crowd and he will get in his spots but I don’t see him pulling off the victory. I think this could be a good showcase for Antonio Cesaro to really have his first big win on a PPV. I’m picking Team Shield to win this one in what could prove to be the best match on the entire card.

Jonathan Essington: While Rey has returned, the heels could use the momentum. The Real Americans were supposed to be moving up the ranks until Cena beat them cleanly by himself, and to be honest, the Shield hasn’t done much of note lately. I see the heels taking this win.

John Deegan: This match should be….could be….a show-stealer. I want to see another giant swing…but I think the faces get the nod in this one, for Rey’s return.

Zach Arnold: It would make sense to have Cody as the last man standing versus the heels in a handicap situation and for him to go over strong.

Adrian Fylonenko: This match has the potential to steal the show and I will be disappointed if this bout doesn’t go over the fifteen minute mark. There are so many talented superstars in this battle that have helped revitalize the tag team division in WWE. There are many possibilities as to how this match can unfold, but I fully expect Roman Reigns to be the star of the contest and eliminate three of the five competitors on the opposite team. This is where Reigns comes to the realization that he doesn’t need the Shield and doesn’t need to be taking orders from Dean Ambrose any more to be successful. Reigns will be the sole survivor after reluctantly pinning Rey Mysterio (Mysterio is helpless in the ring due to injury).

Results: Team Rhodes [2] Team Shield [4]

SS 3

Big E. Langston (c) vs. Curtis Axel (Intercontinental Championship)

Jimmy Bellamy: The newly minted champion, Langston, looks good with his first WWE gold. Look for big things from Big E in the near future. Axel won’t even serve as a speed bump in this one. Axel is on the verge of disappearing if something doesn’t happen for him quickly, though, now that Paul Heyman has taken his business elsewhere.

Matt Busch: Big E Langston has impressed me lately with his recent face turn, and he clearly impressed some of the decision-makers backstage as they gave him a clean win over Curtis Axel on Monday to win his first Intercontinental Championship. I think it would be too early for him to drop the belt at this point and I think we are going to see him have a good run with the title. Big E is my pick in this one to go over cleanly and retain the title.

Jonathan Essington: Big E will likely retain against Axel. The pop that he got when he won the strap signaled to the E that they have something that they can really work with for a little while. I look for them to keep the strap on Big E till around WrestleMania when they’ll have pushed another character to the level where he could actually beat Big E.

John Deegan: The actual title change, I think, should have happened on the PPV, but now that it’s happened, I expect a good match out of Big E as he retains the belt.

Zach Arnold: If they gave up on Axel being the champion, then they’ll reinforce their belief in the big man by giving him the win to cement his new status as champion. Vince loves his big men.

Adrian Fylonenko: There are a lot of predictable matches on the Survivor Series card and this is one of them. Langston shocked the world by defeating Curtis Axel last week on Raw to win the Intercontinental Title and this is their first rematch. Langston and Axel will have an above-average match that lasts about eight minutes and in the end, Langston will kick out of Axel’s Swinging Neck Breaker finishing/signature maneuver, hit the Big Ending and pin the former champion.

Results: Big E. Langston [6] Curtis Axel [0]

SS 5

CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

Jimmy Bellamy: The extra Wyatt will provide an advantage in this match. Harper and Rowan will win with help from leader Bray Wyatt and possibly a fourth, new family member. Who would’ve thought a few years ago during the Straight Edge Society days that CM Punk would be the only guy in this match who doesn’t have a crazy beard? Man, how times have changed. Punk and Bryan will have success as a tag team, which could lead to a match against each other at WrestleMania.

Matt Busch: Daniel Bryan and CM Punk teaming up is a dream for many of the WWE Universe. It reminds me of when the Mega Powers, with Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage dominated the WWF for a year leading up to WrestleMania V. These two performers are possibly the most over wrestlers in the entire company and their first challenge should be a victory. This feud will have legs though, so I don’t expect a clean win for the Best and the Beard. Possibly interference by Bray Wyatt? Either way, the Best and the Beard will get the win.

Jonathan Essington: Punk and Bryan win the match, and apparently Punk’s ego wouldn’t allow for an L here with various sources saying that he’s a bit conceited. Still, I can see a good rematch occurring at next month’s TLC. Fun fact: while people claim Bryan is being buried, he’s won the lion’s share of his matches on TV and when losing, he’s been made to look strong.

John Deegan: I think this one could be quite a good match, though the pressure will be on Punk and Bryan to carry the younger/greener talent in this one. I could easily see Bray doing what is needed to ensure a Wyatt win, but I have a feeling Daniel and CM are victorious.

Zach Arnold: Doesn’t seem to make much sense to have the heels go over given that they’re not the biggest drawing cards in the company nor are they the greatest workers. Only way the heels could go over is if Heyman brought out Brock to stir trouble and cause Punk to lose. That seems doubtful. Go with the baby faces.

Adrian Fylonenko: This match is difficult to predict. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are working with the Wyatt Family in order to help get them over and nothing says “over” like beating two of the biggest stars in WWE today. However, Punk and Bryan can still win the match, but end up paying the ultimate price afterwards once the inevitable 3-on-2 Wyatt Family beat-down ensues. I can definitely see Harper and Rowan beating Punk and Bryan after a distraction from Bray, but the former Indy guys are too clever and too big of stars to be defeated by these rookies. Punk and Bryan win the match after Punk hits the GTS on Harper, which is immediately followed up by Bryan’s Busaiku High Knee. Bryan gets the deciding pin-fall.

Results: CM Punk & Daniel Bryan [5] Luke Harper & Erick Rowan [1]

SS 6

John Cena (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Championship)

Jimmy Bellamy: Alberto Del Rio winning the title makes as much sense as John Cena losing it. I hope this match doesn’t fall flat due to the inevitability of the outcome. Both men are underappreciated as workers, so expect a quality match. Cena wins it in spite of ADR’s attempt to destroy his left arm.

Matt Busch: No matter how hard WWE tries to book Alberto Del Rio as a threat to win back his World Heavyweight Championship from John Cena, I’m just not buying it. Anyone who follows wrestling knows by now that Cena isn’t going to lose this match, no matter how banged up he is. Cena just needs to dispatch of ADR so he can move on to some more interesting competition. It’s great that the WWE is trying to make the World Heavyweight Championship relevant again, but this isn’t the feud that they need to do that. Cena wins cleanly and retains.

Jonathan Essington: Cena gets arm literally ripped off, loses more blood than most people have in their body, slips into a coma mid-match but wakes up on the stretcher, sprints back to the ring, hits an AA and wins the match. Yeah that’s over the top but it mimics Cena’s character creation and the way he won his last title defense.

John Deegan: Considering they are trying to build up the WHC again, or so they say, there’s zero reason to think Cena won’t retain. So, that’s my pick.

Zach Arnold: If Cena is as hurt as the reports indicate he is, then Del Rio goes over here and Cena gets a break until Royal Rumble. Del Rio can’t afford to lose once again to Cena or else there’s not much WWE can do with ADR. So, he has to go over strong here. Even if it’s a screw job but I think an injury finish with the doctor stopping the proceedings due to Cena’s injured arm would make sense.

Adrian Fylonenko: This match should have an obvious outcome, but word on the street is that Cena’s arm is still messed up and if that’s the case, Del Rio could pull off the impossible and defeat the true face of the WWE. If Cena drops the title, he can rest up and return at the Royal Rumble. However, I’m not buying into the rumor mill this time around. Who am I kidding? Of course Cena defeats Del Rio via submission. I see it playing out this way; the Mexican Aristocrat will dominate Cena roughly 70% of the match and work on damaging his injured arm from start to finish. In the closing moments, he will apply the Cross Arm Breaker, but Cena, with virtually one arm, will overpower Del Rio and eventually lock in a one-armed STF, which will give Del Rio no choice but to tap out.

Results: John Cena [5] Alberto Del Rio [1]

SS 7

Randy Orton (c) vs. Big Show (WWE Championship)

Jimmy Bellamy: If this pay-per-view wasn’t Survivor Series, I’m afraid the card would appear weaker, especially with this as its main event. WWE has managed to take all of the steam out of its “The Authority” angle. I don’t even know for whom I’m supposed to root. It doesn’t matter who wins this one because we all lose. The best we can hope for is an entertaining match that leads to something greater story-line-wise as the New Year approaches. Randy Orton will retain.

Matt Busch: I’m really at a toss-up on this match. On one hand I could see Big Show winning cleanly. I could see Orton winning cleanly. I could see Big Show winning and turning heel (again). I could see the Shield interfering for Orton, against Orton. There are just a million ways that they could book this one. I love the unpredictability of it and I’m sure we will have a lot to talk about this match in the coming week. With all that being said I still think the most logical outcome in this match is for Big Show to win but by disqualification. They can extend the feud and keep the belt on Orton before they head into WrestleMania season.

Jonathan Essington: Orton wins with help OR the match has a disputed finish setting up next month’s tables or chairs match for the title.

John Deegan: Orton wins here, there almost no doubt about that. BUT…..the bigger question is how does it happen? I can’t see a clean win in any way shape or form. Sad, really, that you are heading into what used to be one of the crown jewels of the PPV schedule, and one of its main events has that being said about it. The outside interference is the bigger question mark.

Zach Arnold: I have given up trying to figure out what WWE wants to do with The Authority angle. However, if logic prevails, Big Show goes over here to not only frustrate Authority but also to build to a possible Orton/Authority split with Authority burying Orton on RAW for not holding up his end of the deal as the face of the WWE.

Adrian Fylonenko: According to WWE logic, everything points to Big Show winning this match. But I honestly cannot see Show being the WWE champion in this era. I wouldn’t mind seeing him with the World Title just once more before he officially retires, but Show as the WWE champion in 2013 has pointless, absurd and ridiculous written all over it. Last week on Raw, Orton complained to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon that without the Shield’s help, he has no chance in hell of defeating the Big Show. I mean come on, Randy, really? Despite the Shield not being at ringside, Orton will hit an RKO and defeat the giant. I expect Orton and Show to have an above average match that will exceed expectations. Show will kick out of Orton’s first RKO and the crowd will go wild. However, in the end, Orton will somehow execute an unexpected, impressive, one-of-a-kind RKO to pull out the victory. There have been rumors that Triple H will help Big Show defeat Orton which will result in ANOTHER heel turn for the big man, but I just can’t see that happening.

Results: Randy Orton [5] Big Show [1]

*Thank you for taking the time to read our predictions. Feel free to join the conversation by leaving your own personal predictions below. Enjoy the PPV everyone!

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