Seven days after WrestleMania 34 is (more than) enough time for fans to fully digest the outcomes. The WWE PPV was following Fastlane, which was no easy task. Before we put WrestleMania 34 to rest, here are closing comments. If you missed WrestleMania 34, be sure to check our results.

Ronda Rousey Was Worth Every Penny

Before Ronda Rousey became the biggest star in UFC, I remember watching her compete in Strikeforce and believing she could be a UFC champion. Not did only she accomplish that goal, but she made it look easy. Then she dropped two fights and was never able to regroup. In jumped WWE and they turned a MMA fighter that looked ready to quit into the future of pro wrestling. With little wrestling experience, Rousey still went out there and helped deliver one of the best matches on the seven hour card. With the right booking, Rousey will bring in a large audience and she was worth whatever WWE put in her contract. She might be the best invest WWE has ever made.

No More Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar

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Only twice have Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar met in a singles matches, with both oddly occurring in the main event of WrestleMania. After seeing their most recent performance, I hope WWE decides to go in a different direction. If I never see Reigns vs. Lesnar again, I could live happy. The match was sloppy and the entire buildup of Reigns was for nothing as Lesnar punked him out. The fans in New Orleans expressed their displeasure and those watching from a TV set seemed to have similar feelings. The rematch was actually worse than WrestleMania 31, which shows how neither learned anything from three years ago. They are supposed to meet again inside a steel cage for the Greatest Royal Rumble match and that now seems like a time to grab a snack or scroll the phone for something amusing on Twitter.

Shinsuke Nakamura The Heel Might Work

Before WrestleMania 34 started, I wondered if there would be a heel turn. It does not happen every year, but it counts when WWE makes the bold move. Trish Status and Steve Austin turning heel are some of the best examples throughout WrestleMania history. We might have to add Shinsuke Nakamura to that list because the heel turn camera out of nowhere. It was not until after the match where I thought for a moment that Nakamura was going to hit the low blow. Still, I was shocked WWE went forward with such a bold decision. WWE fans are used to cheering Nakamura as one of the biggest faces, so he needs to do some work for fans to truly despise a one time fan favorite. 

Charlotte Is The Queen

In her short time in NXT and on the main roster, Charlotte has accomplished more than other current female superstars and she is close to topping some of the very best from the past. She continued her dominance by not only ending Asuka’s nearly 1,000 day undefeated steak, but making her tap with the use of one arm. There seems very little left for Charlotte to accomplish outside of taking on the male superstars and capturing their belts. There is one thing Charlotte has not done, which is main event a WrestleMania. I have a feeling she can cross off that last goal come WrestleMania 35 as there is speculation of Charlotte vs. Asuka closing next year’s card.

Undertaker Needs To Stop

The Undertaker is a shell of who he used to be. Wrestlers were terrified of Undertaker and fans always got goosebumps during his entrance. Like time, things have changed. Undertaker has taken a backseat in WWE and really should not be wrestling anymore, especially after watching his match with John Cena. If you did not see, please avoid those three minutes as they are an embarrassment to arguably the greatest career in WWE. For all Undertaker has done during the past 20 plus years, he is starting to ruin it by not knowing when to quit. WrestleMania 34 was easily the worst performance Undertaker has ever produced in his entire WWE run.

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