Without one individual, particular opponent to feud with, the WWE has been putting Dolph Ziggler in tryout matches these last few pay-per-views. At Night of Champions, Ziggler faced Dean Ambrose, in a match that is clearly a precursor of the main event scene to come—Booker T even admitted as much—and at Battleground, he’s set to face the overlooked but never forgotten intellectual savior of the masses Damien Sandow. Sandow’s been floating around the midcard since his feud with Cody Rhodes ended, being barely featured on Raw and only casually appearing on Smackdown. The match has nothing at stake, but it should be entertaining. Sandow’s hungry to prove he belongs among top stars and Ziggler’s called the show-off for a reason. What makes this watchable is the fact that this will almost certainly be a future feud on the blue brand and an interesting one at that.

a damienSmackdown is very short on top faces: RVD is working in 90 day blocks, Christian is concussed and it’s clear that creative is not a big fans of his, and it seems that they’ll never push Kofi to the Main Event. Thus, once RVD heads out for his break, Ziggler will de facto be the top face on Smackdown. All reports of the WWE’s lack of faith in Ziggler aside, it will be great to watch Ziggler perform with the security of his top spot on the blue brand.  Once Sandow grabs the title, he’ll need someone to feud with, and with Punk and Bryan being involved with the WWE Title, that can only leave Ziggler. It’s clear that Cody and Goldust will be back in the WWE soon to feud with the Shield, and at some point the Big Show will finally be able to retaliate. Thus, Ziggler’s spot in this nebulous group that bucks against the Establishment and the Shield will evaporate. He’ll be able to re-emerge as a prime-time player back on the blue brand again, meaning that he’ll inevitably cross paths with Sandow, who will be a World Champion.

stagnation-dolph zigglerIt’s funny that two of the WWE’s best talents will not be wrestling on the official card, but they’ve been wasting Christian and Cesaro for months, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Still with Sandow’s persona and Ziggler’s brashness, they make for a nice clash of styles on the mic and gimmick-wise. They’re acutally fairly similar in the ring: both men have great signature moves, display good ring psychology, work the crowd well while wrestling, and can wrestle hold for hold or slam for slam with the best of them. The wrestling in this match should be solid and even exciting, if they’re given time. Still, watch this match not for the face value or the slapstick feel of the pairing. Watch this match because in a few years, when Ziggler and Sandow are engaged in a deep, heated feud that’s drawing money, you’ll be able to look back and remember the first time Ziggler and Sandow wrestled on a relatively prominent stage and remember where it all started–yes it’s the pre-show, but it’s still a PPV. Dolph should certainly be etched into future plans Main Event plans in the WWE and with Sandow’s briefcase, it’s all but written that these two will cross paths. On Sunday night at Battleground, we get our first look at why this pairing could be dynamic and glimpse of the shape of things to come in the WWE.

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