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Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! It’s been a good Sunday for some of us if you like good football games. The weather is changing, it’s supposed to be getting cooler, but in Detroit, with a couple of Cell matches, things are absolutely going to be heating up this evening. Are you ready for the spectacle that can be Hell In A Cell? I know I am!

Best Match of the night:

This could be a long list, as we kept getting good match after good match. To open with THAT Cell match was a surprising move. I gather they wanted to space out the Cell matches (and potentially the violence).

I have to give a ton of credit to Orton and Rusev, because that match was a million times better than I ever expected (go look, I was super down on it when I did my predictions).

But, the main event delivered, and did so in a major way. So much action, plenty of high spots…and a swerve, albeit NOT the surprise I had expected (though I have to believe that one is still coming sooner or later).

Worst match of the night:

Honestly, I was really disappointed with Charlotte and Natalya. Considering what they’ve done, individually and in matches against one another, I had high expectations and this just did not do anything for me.

The Nakamura/Mahal match wasn’t much better, honestly.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Holy sh&^

We want tables

AJ Styles

Let’s go Charlotte


Let’s go Ziggler/Bobby Roode

CM Punk

Shane O Mac

Fight Owens Fight

One more time

This is awesome

Star of the Night

I have to give at least a small nod to Jimmy and Jey. I was not enamored with the tag title match, but the two teams-in particular the new tag champs-delivered a quality match.

Orton (and Rusev) impressed.

I have to give Corbin credit, he did become US champ…

But the stars of the night? Shane and Kevin, hands down. Both men went crazy, did some rather insane spots (I don’t care how well they train, plan and script, falling or jumping from 20 feet through a table is going to sting).

Spot of the Night:

Don’t ask for me to pick just one from that violent opening Hell In A Cell match.

Charlotte and her moonsault off the top rope to the outside. Yes, we’ve seen it before. But it’s always fun to watch.

Shane went for a shooting star press. He missed it, but he went for it.

Owens went for a canonball on Shane, propped up on the table. Owens missed.

And then there is all the action ON TOP of the Cell. Owens going through the table from the side of the cage, and Shane then scaling the Cell…AGAIN…to leap off of it onto Owens, through the main announce table. Except that, of course, Owens was pulled out of the way by…Sami Zayn?! Shane really has to give up those top of Cell leaps, he’s got a bad track record with them.

Jobber of the Night:

On a night like this, we don’t get the traditional jobber. But tonight, our jobber is…Tye Dillinger. Why Tye? Because he worked his way into the United States championship match, and he lost. And in taking the pin, he did the job so that Corbin could become champion, but AJ Styles wasn’t ever pinned. I am sure that is important to someone at some point, which is why Tye was in there to do the job that he did. Congrats Tye, this job’s for you!

Honorable mention? The Spanish announce table. And the main one too.

Upset of the Night:

The fans, upset that the Charlotte/Natalya match ended in a DQ, as Natalya opted to beat on Charlotte with a steel chair when she felt her reign was at risk.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

As surprised as I was that Dillinger got himself into the US title match during the pre-show, I was much more surprised that, barely more than a month removed from WWE seemingly souring on him (seeing as he dropped the Money In The Bank briefcase), Baron Corbin is your new United States champion.

Kicking around options for the finish of the women’s title match, I had never expected Natalya pummeling Charlotte with a chair and getting herself disqualified.

And then there was Shane, bouncing Kevin’s head off the side of the cage, sending Owens through the announce table.

Zayn SAVED Owens?! Shane leapt off the table, aiming to hit a lifeless Kevin Owens, and out of nowhere, Sami pulled Kevin off the table. And then put Kevin on top of a lifeless Shane.

Botch of the night:

During the Roode/Ziggler match, one or both men were responsible for the botched Fame-Ass-Er. I don’t know for sure who, I don’t know that it much matters, but what does is that the primary camera angle showed it live, in real time…Roode’s head was never under Ziggler’s knee.

Commentary of the night:

They have these things called perks when you are champion Byron. One of them is getting to gloat while beating up your opponent.

It’s a good thing I have IQ points to spare, because that just made me dumber.

I spoke to Bobby Roode today Byron, and for the good of his brand, he’d like you to refrain from any further halleluljahs.

I don’t know if it’s a credit to modern engineering or God that the Cell has held up thus far.

LOL Moment of the night:

This space is currently reserved for the Fashion Police. I loved seeing the big old cell phone labeled “property of Paul E”. And the pictures of Cesaro labeled “tooth fairy”, and Orton and Owens as “allergic to sleeves”.  A knock on Tye’s hair, and That’s So Raven? Funny stuff. And now The Ascension is lobbying to be (or rather, 2B) their friends? So odd. Ascension leaves…there’s a knock on the door…and a briefcase is left, a la Pulp Fiction. Which turns them, of course, into Pulp Fashion.

Noteworthy Moment:

Dillinger lobbied Shane, and Shane made our United States title match a triple threat match instead.

WWE has a thing for number of PPV matches now, don’t they? First with Natalya breaking the record, becoming the woman in the most WWE PPV, and now they make mention of Orton being in a lot of matches too, to where he’s fifth all time.

Like, I get it, it’s a big number and all…but you are in sports entertainment…while I get that celebrating these is trying to add an air of credibility or legitimacy, when it comes to a lot of these numbers, folks know they are manufactured (number of championships, longest reign, etc). So, I suppose I am ambivalent to pushing that agenda. I just find it interesting that WWE is now. I mean, it’s not as though the wrestler’s win/loss record actually mattered much…

Ziggler’s promised awesome entrance was him having his entrance theme cut short, coming out to essentially no music and no graphics. Though, with the braid and all, I felt he was trying harder than ever to channel his inner HBK.

Overall lowlights:

Really surprised with the women’s match. Like, never expected that match to go that way at all. If I had to guess a match to end in DQ, that would not have been on my radar.

Shane means well, but his punches mostly still look terrible.

Overall highlights:

Both Cell matches delivered. And, what do you know, there were a few others in between that were great too.

You could sense, during those minutes on top of the Cell, that everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for one or both men to crash through the Cell. I think that would have been a better spot, or at least less painful, than those endured by Shane and Kevin through the announce tables.

After the final bell:

Overall, a very good show. I think we all knew that the Cell match would be more of a beginning of the program as opposed to an ending, and it was an interesting direction to go in. Adding Sami Zayn to the mix will be an unexpected dynamic, so time will tell exactly how Sami explains himself, and how they spin this.

All in all, a very satisfying show.


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