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Hello once again ladies and gentlemen! It’s time for me to recap the huge final hour of WWE fun from September 12th. That’s right…after a long wait to get here, it’s time for the women of the Mae Young Classic tournament to enjoy the big bright lights of Las Vegas, and one heck of a big stage to perform on. Tonight, we get to see what happens between Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler (and perhaps what goes down between our favorite two sets of female horsemen. Or horsewomen. Whatever). The stars are out, it’s time to shine!

Best Match of the night:

Well, there was only one, so…anyone want to guess which one lands here? Even if there wasn’t just one, the main event, the main attraction that was Sane versus Baszler was absolutely wonderful and worth watching.

Worst match of the night:

Um…I could have sworn they said there was a six woman tag match. And we never got one…so…yea…

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Shayna Baszler

Kairi Sane

Let’s go Kairi

Star of the Night

Kairi Sane.

Let’s be frank. These two women both deserve to stick around (as do a lot of other women from the tournament).

But tonight, in winning the Mae Young Classic, it’s all about Kairi Sane.

Spot of the Night:

Kairi hit perhaps her biggest and most awesome diving elbow tonight. She really does almost seem to float.

Jobber of the Night:

Not happening tonight

Upset of the Night:

Different kind of upset. As in, Shayna was upset she lost, and I don’t blame her.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Kairi, living up to what she’s been built up as (an ultimate, under-sized underdog), became the first woman all tournament to escape from Shayna’s rear naked choke.

And, after coming off very much like a heel in previous matches, it was very surprising to see Shayna shake hands and hug with Kairi, congratulating her. Nice, class move.

Botch of the night:

I really don’t know that it was a botch, but it looked funky odd. That is, when Shayna was running the ropes left to right, and Kairi went front to back. Baszler got the spear from Kairi, but she basically stopped and watched before being speared. It just looked odd.

Commentary of the night:

Sometimes, when your opponent knows where you’re going, it’s not a safe destination

The littlest dog in the fight is coming to play tonight

The littlest dogĀ  in the fight comes up big in Las Vegas

Noteworthy Moment:

OK, it’s not often (if ever) that I will say this…but Lillian Garcia did a really awesome job with the ring introductions.

And we have a winner of our first ever Mae Young Classic, in the diminutive but charismatic Kairi Sane.

Overall lowlights:

Maybe it’s just me…but since WWE made a huge deal about hiring a female official and using her in the tournament…don’t you think it might have been nifty to have her work the tournament finale? I assume they went with the more senior official just because of seniority, and that’s all well and good…but I think they dropped the ball to a degree here.

No six woman tag match was a bummer.

No payoff between the horsewomen (yet) was a bit of a bummer…but I have to imagine there’s more to come on this one.

Overall highlights:

The tournament.

The talent search.

The crowd being into it.

And what a tournament finale.

WWE added to the feeling of it with stars in the crowd, including women from NXT, RAW and competitors from the tournament, not to mention Rousey and her UFC friends, as well as Dana Warrior. Added to the big feel for this.

After the final bell:

I really hope WWE doesn’t make this tournament a one and done experience. They’ve been stressing it as the first, which leads me to believe it won’t be the last…but time will tell.

As great as the UK tournament was, I think this one topped it. Each had some nice bits to it, and both served as a talent search too. I liked that the UK one actually happened in England, it made sense and all…but it would have been really cool to have the finale be on RAW or SmackDown, live, instead of on a weekend on the Network (but, the MYC concluded on the Network too, so I digress). Bottom line though, each time WWE does one of these tournaments, they learn from it and improve upon them. That’s a good thing, and a reason to continue to be optimistic any time they announce intentions on holding another.


Kairi Sane outlasts and overcomes Shayna Baszler, becoming the first ever Mae Young Classic Champion


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