Happy Hump Day everyone! It’s another wonderful Wednesday, and our hour long adventure with the NXT roster is about to begin! Let’s get ready to enjoy some of the finest wrestling of the week, as always, brought to you by the hard working men and women based out of sunny Florida. And tonight is special, because we get the first ever United Kingdom Championship title defense, Tyler Bate against Trent Seven. Are you ready? You should be! Here we go!

Best Match of the night:

Honestly, this one was an easy one to call, and not for the usual reasons. We had a good undercard, but a phenomenal main event. More of these UK blokes, please! Seriously, if you missed the UK Championship Tournament, you missed some really good wrestling, but tonight was your chance to get caught up. These two worked well together in the ring, and put on a really nice show. I also love that, as WWE has been doing more and more of lately, they had no issues pushing guys with these types of bodies, as opposed to that silly idea that to be a star, you had to be tall, ripped and chiselled. I am thankful people realized that if you can wrestle, it doesn’t matter what you look like. These guys were just awesome.

Worst match of the night:

There is, honestly, just no possible way any of the matches should or could land here. There isn’t. I mean, the closest would be the opener, but it was short and sweet, a perfect showcase for the champions. I can’t complain about that. The only beef with the women’s tag match is that it was a bit short, but tonight they had other groundwork to lay. Beyond that? No, no match lands as worst tonight. Just not possible.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Let’s go jobbers

Let’s go Ember


You deserved it

Mustache Mountain

One more time

This is awesome

Star of the Night

Tyler Bate, with an awesome first defense of his UK Championship. Nigel said it as well on commentary-it’s hard to remember that he is only nineteen years old. And, you also need to mention Trent Seven, because it took two of them together to put on that incredible match.

Spot of the Night:

Tyler Bate with an impressive dive OVER the top rope, landing on Seven on the entrance ramp.

Jobber of the Night:

Whoever it was that NXT fed to Akam and Rezar. The Authors of Pain flat out destroyed them, as you’d expect. I think Phillips gave us one of their names, but there was so much destruction, there just wasn’t really time to get names or worry about it. After the beating, they might not even remember their own names.

Upset of the Night:


Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

As DIY was loving one another (mind out of the gutter folks!), Dash and Dawson snuck up from behind and took out the former champions. Oddly, the Authors of Pain ran the 2 time NXT Champions off.

Botch of the night:

If there was one, this guy did not see it.

Commentary of the night:

I don’t think I see this one lasting very long, fellas

Speaking of jet, Tyler Bate just took flight.

British Airways has landed here at NXT

LOL Moment of the night:

Ellering telling DIY to make peace with their loved ones before their tag title re-match, and Johnny and Tommaso looked at each other and said “I love you”/

Noteworthy Moment:

Looks like we are getting our return match, DIY against the Authors of Pain, in two weeks. The bigger question remains, what, if any role, will Dash and Dawson play in that.

A vignette aired for the return (that we all knew about several weeks ago) of Kassius Ohno. That should be interesting.

Triple threat match next week to determine a #1 contender to face Asuka. Billie Kay versus Liv Morgan versus Ember Moon, winner getting Asuka the week after.

Overall lowlights:

Seriously? None. I mean, OK, I could complain that the show is only an hour. I haven’t used that complaint in a little bit, so there. That’s it tonight. We got three good matches, set up things for the next couple weeks, and all was right with the world. Not a lowlight amongst them.

Overall highlights:

The tag division is getting interesting. Again. I miss TM61, but the top trio of teams that NXT is trotting out there is doing well. I think DIY, and especially The Revival, will do wonders to the overall success of the Authors of Pain (in the sense that the big boys are going to get great experience).

6 months ago (or, whenever the draft really was), I was down on the NXT women’s division, as the cupboard seemed damn bare. I don’t think that it’s recovered fully (I mean, they lost a lot of talent), but it’s not near as bare as I had thought. And there are a few hanging around that have yet to be really utilized.

More United Kingdom guys, please. The Florida fans, I think, would go crazy for a lot of these guys, as they appreciate that hard hitting style. A guy like Wolfgang could be a huge hit.

Love the show of respect with the handshake and hug after Bate was victorious.

After the final bell:

Another hour well spent.

I can’t help but think a couple things. Regal is setting up title matches for two weeks’ time. It’s in the midst of the Road to WrestleMania. While I don’t necessarily see Asuka dropping the belt (especially on a non-TakeOver event), I could see DIY losing their rematch so that they are a little easier to move up to the main roster, especially if a particular blue brand needs some tag team depth (and quality).

Looking forward to next week!


The Authors of Pain crush two jobbers.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce took care of Liv Morgan and Ember Moon

Tyler Bate retains the UK Championship over Trent Seven

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