Happy Hump Day everyone! It’s our first NXT following TakeOver, and of course following the call-ups of The Revival to RAW, along with Tye Dillinger and Shinsuke Nakamura to SmackDown. Considering what we are going to enjoy this evening was also filmed Saturday, the call-ups won’t really be a huge factor into things yet-besides, those guys were all involved in main card matches anyways. So, with all that idle banter out of the way, it is time to get this hour of fun underway. Let’s see what we’ve got for enjoyment!

Best Match of the night:

It was slim pickings tonight. Partly because we lost a big chunk of the show to recaps, part because we lost another part of it to back stage interviews and the like. Give it a week or so and we should be back to normal. That being said, Oney Lorcan against a masked Elias Samson was passable. It was decent, really. I like Lorcan, and I think with guys like Dillinger and Nakamura getting called up, he definitely has a chance to step up and enjoy more time to shine.

I could have even dropped in the tag match, as it was good for what it was. Not great…but you can see that Heavy Machinery might be in a spot to move up, since The Revival was called up, and guys like TM61 are on the shelf.

Worst match of the night:

By default, this kind of has to be Peyton Royce versus Aliyah. The tag match was middle of the road, but I liked it more because of the likely future Heavy Machinery has. Peyton is nice to look at, and could be the future lead heel of the division, but the match just didn’t do anything for me.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Really weak “Let’s go Peyton”

Si! Si! Si!


Ole! Ole! Ole!

It was kind of a quiet night chant-wise, but they did not have a lot to chant about, either.

Star of the Night:

The female security guard who physically yanked and guided Elias Samson to the back after his loss. Why can’t all the jobber security guards be as effective as she was?

Spot of the Night:

Tucker Knight, splashing the back of Dozovic, while Otis was holding a Bollywood Boy.

The female security guard. Grabs Samson’s hair, puts a little wristlock¬† on, and total emasculates The Drifter.

Jobber of the Night:

I guess we have a few choices tonight. It was a rather underwhelming card, and the jobber award should be split in three parts I think. Aliyah gets a nod, because poor Aliyah, even in a rather mediocre women’s division, is mired at the bottom. I guess she can take comfort that she’s hung around.

As for the other award winners? Step right up, Bollywood Boys. You did win something, you just wish you hadn’t.

Upset of the Night:

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Not the fact that Samson didn’t drift away. Nope. It would be the fact that Samson was more over as El Vagabundo than he ever could have hoped to be as The Drifter.

Botch of the night:

Nothing tonight. Well, I could give Samson some grief for not even trying to fake a Spanish accent.

Commentary of the night:

She broke her nail!

That’s going to ruin a manicure

He threw him like a child. He was rocking him to sleep like a baby.

I don’t think Otis can dance. He has trouble walking sometimes.

Congratulations, you’ve been turned into a pancake.

Have you seen this guy wrestle in Mexico?

He’s huge South of the border.

He’s a little big for a Lucha, isn’t he?

He doesn’t look too used to competing with a mask on, does he?

Stop trying to insinuate, Phillips

LOL Moment of the night:

OK, it’s a reach, but Dozovic and his walk makes me laugh. He looks like he’s either in pain, or smuggling something.

And WWE has brought back the schtick of “guy leaves brand. Returns as masked Mexican wrestler”.

Noteworthy Moment:

We got to see extra footage from Saturday, specifically showing Nakamura essentially saying his goodbye to NXT after his loss in the main event at TakeOver.

Also, the show acknowledged Drew McIntyre’s presence on Saturday, and showed¬† a clip of him backstage, fessing up to having signed a contract with NXT. He debuts on NXT television next week.

Overall lowlights:

The fact that the show only had three matches, and none of them were all that excellent.

Overall highlights:

The behind the scenes bits from TakeOver were pretty nice.

I like the idea that Oney and Heavy Machinery could be in line for some increased exposure.

After the final bell:

Well, the big thing is NXT is going under change. I suppose we could be losing a couple more as part of whatever the Superstar Shakeup is, or just like that, as there are a couple more folks that are more than capable of moving up to a main roster show.

Drew McIntyre could be interesting on NXT. He has the look, he seems to have added the swagger, and since he had a good bit of success outside of WWE, this second stint might be something worth watching.


Peyton Royce defeats Aliyah

Heavy Machinery steamrolls The Bollywood Boys

Oney Lorcan takes care of Elias “El Vagabundo” Samson.

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