Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s time once again for that fantastic hour of wrestling on the WWE Network. That’s right boys and girls, it’s time for NXT. Which means, of course, it’s time for our NXT Nutshell, too. Tonight should be a really good hour, too. We have a tag title match between The Authors of Pain and Heavy Machinery. Plus, we have Johnny Gargano, seen for the first time since being attacked by his former tag team partner at TakeOver:Chicago. So there’s plenty to discuss with those two items alone…but we have more, too. So, no more delays, it’s time to jump right in!

Best Match:

Don’t get me wrong, the main event was a good one.

But tonight, it was not the best match on the show.

That honor, I feel, goes to Black and Fish. It was a really good match, especially considering Fish was not hyped ahead of time, and there wasn’t any build up or back story. It was just two very talented individuals with strong experience prior to NXT, getting to work. And they did well.

Worst Match:

The Mae Young qualifier. Nothing against these women, and I do have high hopes for the tournament itself..,but this match was a dud. Fortunately it was short, all things considered, but it had the looks of a match between two greener wrestlers. It just wasn’t as crisp and smooth and quick as you’d like to see. Those improvements come from experience, which these women will get, but aren’t there yet. It does not diminish my excitement for the tourney, however.

Crowd Chants of the night:


Johnny Wrestling

Steaks and weights

Star of the night:

I will give two nods. One to Gargano. It was a brief returning promo, but a strong and passionate one and the fans ate it up.

Wrestling wise, I actually will give it to Sanity, because they were influencing or getting involved all over the place.

Spot of the night:

I loved the early stuff between the Authors and Heavy Machinery, especially when Otis was in and couldn’t be knocked off his feet. Thought that was cool. Beyond that, nothing crazy tonight.

Jobber of the night:

Not much of a chance for one. If there has to be one, it goes to Miss Hachey from the Mae Young qualifier.

Upset of the night


Holy [email protected] moment of the night

Sanity is attacking all sorts, with Young off TV right now. So, we have Sanity attacking Drew McIntyre now, in a recorded package from “last week”.

Somewhat related, Killian Dain and Drew McIntyre will fight next week, with the winner squaring off against Bobby Roode at TakeOver: Brooklyn in August.

Botch of the night

Not really a botch, per se. But you could see the green of Borne and Hachey in the qualifier.

Commentary of the night

Nothing to write home about. Nigel and Percy are what they are, and my feelings about Mauro have been put into other articles. Might be a good team, but they don’t seem to drop the juicy one liners that make for the best fodder in this portion of the Nutshell.

LOL of the night

Only thing that made me laugh, even a little, was how the Velveteen Dream carries himself. Looked, almost, to be channeling a cross between Johnny B. Badd and Goldust. Just makes me LOL.

Noteworthy moments of the night:

Awesome opening segment/montage. I love when WWE does a well-put together video like that, and this one for DIY and their split, setting the table for Gargano tonight, was well done.

We have a new tag team en route, as we got a promo package for the Street Profits.

Nice promo for Gargano, who basically declared he will be at TakeOver in a wrestling capacity. Who he faces? TBD.

Looks like Ohno and Itami are heading for a clash. If I had to bet, I’d say that’s on the TakeOver card as well.

Lowlights of the night

Perhaps a minor gripe, but when we only get three matches, it does kind of disappoint you with one of them being a Mae Young qualifier. Sorry…I needed something, and that was viable.

Highlights of the night

The tag main event was decent, and in time could be really good, but the teaser was at the close of the show. Sanity-that is, Dain and Wolfe, with Young off of television for a bit, is getting involved everywhere. First Killian gets himself a shot to be the #1 contender. Now, it also appears like he and Alexander are vying for the tag belts.

Also, nice debut tonight, even if in a losing effort, by former ROH talent Bobby Fish.

After the final bell

Kind of a funny card, with good matches to open and close, but the Mae Young one in the middle didn’t wow me. Maybe I had higher hopes, I don’t know.

Sanity is all over the place. If I had to guess, Killian gets his first loss next week, but he and Alexander turn their attention to the tag team titles. That could be a TakeOver match too.

Looking forward to Ember Moon and Ruby Riot, too.


Aleister Black defeated the debuting Bobby Fish

Vanessa Borne defeats Jayme Hachey, in a Mae Young Tournament qualifying match

Authors of Pain defeat Heavy Machinery

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