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Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully you had a good weekend and I trust you all enjoyed both the exciting TakeOver on Saturday and the intriguing Money In The Bank last night. Tonight’s RAW promises lots of action and surely a bit of confrontation too. Ronda Rousey (and perhaps Nia Jax) are likely to be out for some measure of revenge thanks to Alexa Bliss and her cash in. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the men’s briefcase holder, Mr. Monster In The Bank, also calls RAW home. Yep, welcome to RAW, better known as Kurt’s Runaway Train. Let’s crack open this Nutshell and see where we can get off!

Best Match of the night:

For my money, I shall take the Intercontinental title match. The main event was good too.

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Worst match of the night:

Roode and Hawkins. It was a pointless match. It’s lone upside was that it was over in a blink.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Folks, I had issues hearing tonight. Either the announcer audio was drowning out the crowd chants, or they just were not coming through great. I made out one for sure, but that’s about it.

Get these hands

Star of the Night

Dare I say…Baron (Constable) Corbin? He deserves a nod, as he wins the main event over Strowman and Balor (he had a team mate, but he did score the pin).

Also a nod to Rousey, and to Bliss and Angle as well. Interesting set up for what I can only assume will be a SummerSlam match for the title…but then…that seems like an awfully short reign for Bliss.

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Spot of the Night:

Ronda Rousey had a few good options tonight, but for my money, give me the spot where Rousey puts Bliss through the table.

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Jobber of the Night:

Wow…some nights I struggle to have one, but tonight is just not one of those nights. So, here’s a few options…

First, those officials that Ronda Rousey got to beat up.

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The, you have good old Mr. Hawkins, he of the 200 plus match losing streak. Fear not folks, it continues.

I’d have to give a nod even to Chad Gable tonight. Why? Because he got in a ton of offense (relatively speaking), and lost to Jinder, when Mahal only landed like, four offensive moves the entire match. It was a short match, but still…

Upset of the Night:

OK, maybe this seems unlikely, but to me, having Corbin get the winning pin, allowing he and Kevin Owens to beat Finn Balor and Braun Strowman is a bit of an upset. It’s also a good way to get Corbin more viable again, but still a bit surprising.

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Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

While I was definitely surprised by Dolph Ziggler’s Intercontinental Title win…that does not get much press in this section (more on it later, perhaps).

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Nor was this going to the latest blow up between Bayley and Sasha Banks.

RAW IN A Nutshell: Kurt's Runaway Train

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Nope, this is all about that opening segment between Ronda Rousey, Kurt Angle and new RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. Rousey did not take too kindly to being called an over-hyped rookie, so she snapped and mauled Bliss. When Angle attempted to intervene (the first time) he got a judo toss. The second time, Rousey employed the Money In The Bank briefcase on both Bliss and Angle. She finished things off by assaulting some officials and power bombing Alexa through a table.

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No shock when Rousey was then suspended for 30 days.

Botch of the night:

Bobby Lashley was bad on the mic. He said Roman, when talking to Roman, but meaning to say Brock. And you could clearly tell he was struggling to remember lines. It was not natural for him, it felt off…and this is a huge reason to have managers or valets. Some people are just better seen and not heard.

Commentary of the night:

They are gonna go wild partying in Grand Rapids tonight. Which is something that’s never been said before

Why is it your show? Just like she masqueraded, do you like to masquerade as a sports entertainment announcer?

LOL Moment of the night:

Not intentionally funny (I don’t think…), but when Angle said to Bobby Lashley, after Lashley insisted he be in the match at Extreme Rules to determine who fights Brock next, that Lashley was deserving…it made me LOL.

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Look, I get that the man was here before. And I get that in his MMA world, he’s pretty good. And in TNA, he was pretty good. Not discounting his talents. But having your GM say the guy is deserving when he’s been back a couple months and his biggest win to date was over Sami Zayn? That’s nearly as bad as giving a women’s world title shot to a newcomer who had yet to wrestle a singles match on PPV. Oh wait….

Noteworthy Moment:

The Ziggler title win. See, I told you we would get back to this. I don’t mind seeing Ziggler with the IC strap again, I will say that much. But, I think, my beef is this. If you were intent on having Rollins lose the belt in the middle part of June, why not let it be Elias going over? Yes, Ziggler likely needs the boost a belt can provide, but I think having Elias go over would have been a smart move too.

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It was announced that next month at Extreme Rules, Nia Jax gets a re-match against Bliss for the RAW women’s title.

Also sort of announced was a “multi-man match” next month to determine Brock Lesnar’s next opponent. We already know Lashley and Reigns are in…what we don’t know is how many participants and what kind of gimmick match.

Overall lowlights:

Not a lot to complain about. One thing, a carry over from last night…it sucks having a Money In The Bank contract on RAW, but no chance of a cash in at present because of the champ’s absence.

Overall highlights:

The opening segment.

Ziggler winning the belt.

Elias getting to sing a whole song, no interruptions. Was he lisping though?

After the final bell:

We have a month to go before Extreme Rules. It’s going to keep things interesting, but outside of a few announced matches (tag title match for B Team, Nia’s re-match, the incomplete match to determine Brock’s challenger), there is plenty to set up between now and early July. Things are just heating up in time for summer!

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