Happy Monday everyone! OK, who am I kidding…Mondays suck…but if you are reading this, it’s Monday night. Or maybe it’s Tuesday morning. Point is, Monday is probably damn near over when you read this, so…look on the bright side, right? For all of you who, like me, live in the greater northeastern United States, I hope you all have gotten your milk, eggs, bread, beer and whatever other sustenance you felt necessary as the next big blizzard heads our way (Yo! Stella!!), and by all means, be safe. As for us? It’s the last RAW ever in the old Joe Louis Arena, so let’s enjoy this RAW and see how things shape up on the Road to WrestleMania!

Best Match of the night:

In my opinion (and really, who else would I discuss this with?), there was not a best match tonight. If you disagree, by all means, call it out in the comments. Instead, I’d opt to give this to the closing segment of RAW. You knew by the time left, that something was going to happen. People figured Mick would either quit or be fired-he did neither. He offered up Stephanie, which brought down Hunter, which got Mick fired up and looked like he was going to quit until Hunter dangled Noelle and Dewey over Foley’s head. Foley was leaving the ring, yanked Mr. Socko from his sweat pants, and gave Hunter a mouth full of sock with a side of fomunda cheese. Seriously, folks…the sock was down the front of his sweat pants!

Rollins’ music hits, saving Foley and really kicking off the setup toward HHH and Seth at ‘Mania, and I am sorry, but that match intrigues and excites me more than Lesnar/Goldberg, and that’s knowing full well what Triple H’s shovel is capable of. And playing the role of shovel tonight was…Seth’s crutch, as Hunter beat Seth’s bad knee mercilessly with it.

Worst match of the night:

Big Show and Titus. Or Jinder and Roman. I mean, the crowd was super behind Big Show, and they super hated on Reigns. I could go either way.

Crowd Chants of the Night:



How you doin’

Let’s go Roman/Roman sucks


Yes! Yes! Yes!

Thank you Strowman

Austin Aries

One more time


CM Punk

Star of the Night

Rollins, Foley and Hunter. That trio made the closing segment excellent.

Spot of the Night:

Strowman, bulldozing Reigns on the entrance ramp. Either Roman sold it brilliantly, or the bump was a bit of an oops, because Roman appeared to land hard and between the ramp and guardrail.

Jobber of the Night:

Dana Brooke. She lost a match in like, a minute, to Sasha Banks. But, you could say she won, in that she got the cheers from the crowd after Charlotte snapped on her and she stood up for herself. So, there’s that.

Male edition goes to Jinder Mahal, who couldn’t capitalize on a premature Undertaker gong distraction and jobbed out to Roman.

Upset of the Night:

Nothing really.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Roman Reigns called out Undertaker. He got….HBK himself, Shawn Michaels. And Michaels was telling Roman that ‘Taker is already in Reigns’ head, and that Undertaker is going to eat Roman up. Crowd loved that idea.

Foley pulled Socko out of his sweat pants, and shoved it down Hunter’s gullet. I think RAW has a GM opening now.

Hunter was preparing to destroy Foley, when Rollins unexpectedly hobbled to the ring. Dropped his lone crutch, and wailed on Hunter. But then Hunter used the crutch and bent it against Seth’s knee. I gather they protected that really well, or the injury wasn’t nearly as bad as we were lead to believe.

Botch of the night:

I don’t know that it was one, but Aries dropped Daivari damn near on his head. That had to be an oops somewhere, right?

And, Stephanie had issues with a couple words in her exchange with Mick. I don’t know what it is, but too often she sounds uncomfortable or like she’s overacting. That, or the CM Punk chants got to her again. Could be both.

And Hunter screwed up, saying he was going to say it to Mick’s “good ear”, while talking into the ear that isn’t there any more. Ooops.

Commentary of the night:

Are you done with that nonsensical diatribe, Saxton?

My mother always told me: use other people before they can use you

Byron, I am starting to understand your feelings toward Bayley. The only meaningful relationships either of you have ever had involves inflatable things.

LOL Moment of the night:

Jinder Mahal declaring to Mick Foley that he’s a main event level talent. I mean, he was kidding right? Dude said it with a straight face though. Good deadpan skills.

Wait, he was serious? Oh….

Jericho calling the guy Tom Phillips repeatedly was pretty good too.

Noteworthy Moment:

Undertaker and Reigns has been made official for WrestleMania. And, perhaps never before have wrestling fans so badly wanted to see someone get buried. Like, if Undertaker did to Reigns what Goldberg did to Lesnar and Owens? I think it would be the cheer heard ’round the world.

Eric LeGrand was announced as the next recipient of the Warrior Award. LeGrand was the Rutgers football player who was paralyzed in an on-field incident and has been fighting to regain movement and breathe without a ventilator. He’s been a motivational speaker and figure to many since his accident.

And in our number one contenders match, used to decide the challengers to Anderson and Gallows at WrestleMania? Ends in a no decision, as Gallows and Anderson attacked…everyone. So, GM (for now) Mick Foley tells them that at WrestleMania, they’ve earned themselves a triple threat match.

Overall lowlights:

A lot of non-finishes tonight.

Either Foley was trying to sell unhappy about the decision to need to fire someone…or he just seemed unhappy a lot of the show. I don’t know what it is, but it’s not nearly the fun dynamic that can be Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon.

Another RAW, another night without the now-returned Balor.

Overall highlights:



Strowman plowing over Reigns

Hunter and Rollins got it on, briefly.

After the final bell:

Wasn’t a fan of the whole Steph/Mick “you’ve got to fire someone tonight” angle. And, Mick Foley, as much as I love him, just hasn’t totally clicked-not as GM, not with Steph.

Oh, golly gee…ANOTHER triple threat match. In general, and on the card. Here’s a line I wonder if any other male blogger has ever typed: I think we’ve gotten to the point of too many three way (matches). Look, maybe it will be an awesome match and I will end up eating crow. In fact, my gripe isn’t even necessarily with match quality. No, my beef is the fact that we’ve gotten like, a three way match a week (or more). And now, on WrestleMania, the biggest show of the year, here’s what we have so far: Three way match for RAW women’s title. Three way match for RAW tag titles. A lot more than three way for the SmackDown women’s title. Plus the Andre battle royal, and I expect a ladder match or something too. My point? Too much of these. One on one on one is not always a recipe for a better match. You need to trust that top talent can work a compelling, main event worthy match one on one, without needing to gimmick it up.

And speaking of gimmicks…what is up with Emma? Who thought Emmalina was a good idea? Who decided to scrap it? I mean, perhaps it’s not AS bad as say, the Gobbledegooker….but my God, it was really bad.

And, here’s a question for y’all. If Seth’s knee is iffy (and that’s what they want us to believe) would they dare book a tag match? Hunter and someone versus Rollins and Foley? I don’t think they would, but for a moment during that final segment, that was the idea that came to mind.

All in all, not a terrible show, but there are but two more until Orlando….next week is in Brooklyn, so I expect big things (surprises, more big news, etc).


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