Happy Monday everyone! RAW comes to us live (yes, REALLY live tonight), back on American soil as the show is happening in my backyard of Newark, New Jersey. I expect to get a couple plugs in for this weekend’s blue brand exclusive, which means we should quickly get a whole lot of news about RAW’s on June PPV, Extreme Rules. Which is kind of fitting, seeing as they are broadcasting tonight not all that far (90 miles, give or take) up the road from the former home of ECW. So, are you ready to get Extreme?

Best Match of the night:

Finn and Roman. It impressed me, and the fans.

Worst match of the night:

Titus and Big Cass. Either this was ad-libbed, or someone thought it was a good idea to have Titus work a match in a suit.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

You suck

This is awesome


I swear I caught a CM Punk chant in there.

During the cruiserweight tag, the crowd was hot with chants, but WWE has the announcing audio pumped up so loud it overpowered/masked a lot of the chants.

Thank you Goldust

Star of the Night

I am intentionally leaving this blank, if only because no one did enough to stand out above the rest. Some good stuff….just no one thing great enough.

Spot of the Night:

Here’s another that almost feels like it gets an I. Oh, sure, there were a couple decent spots, but nothing overwhelmingley asked for some excitement, but tonight was not exactly a spotfest.

Jobber of the Night:

Hmm….can I let Titus win something? Of course i can. Titus was tonight’s jobber…Yay Titus!

Upset of the Night:

I have to call Alicia Fox over Sasha Banks an upset. Because, while they are in a program together, Alicia hasn’t really been on Sasha’s level. Like…really. The more I think about this, the more surprising it is. Not even that Alicia won, but it was such a short match.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Goldentruth came out for a tag match, and just as R-Truth was wrapping up his opening rap, Goldust finally snapped and unloaded on his now former tag team partner. On one hand, you could see it coming and it made sense. But on the other hand, it was still very much a stunning move.

Also, if you weren’t sure about where Apollo stood? He drop kicked Enzo post-match, from behind, to get him to stop taking selfies. Any questions? Guess he’s officially a heel now, no doubt. Honestly, it’s more surprising it took them this long to make things clear cut and obvious.

Raise your hand if you were on board with a Samoa Joe/Bray Wyatt partnership. Were you surprised then, when Wyatt had soured on his short partnership, and thus drilled Joe with a Sister Abigail too?

Botch of the night:

Whoever was working the mics tonight. Because either it was my cable feed, or some arena issues. Wicked feedback for Alexa’s promo.

Commentary of the night:

That looked to me to be a strongstyle inner thigh grab.

When you drift from state to state, uninvited, that’s not drifting. That’s called stalking.

We might not have to see Enzo Amore again. He grew up in New Jersey, so I am sure he’s got more than a few outstanding warrants.

LOL Moment of the night:

Titus, desperate for something decent, comes out mocking the entrance of Enzo and Cass. Graves even said Titus does Enzo better than Enzo does Enzo. I can’t quite figure out what WWE is doing with Titus, and by extension, Apollo.

Noteworthy Moment:

GM Kurt Angle announced that Strowman is likely out for upwards of six months. And because of that, at Extreme Rules in just three weeks time, we will get a Fatal Fiveway, between Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe. On the one hand, this should be an exciting match. On the other, it does tie up five Superstars on the Extreme Rules card.

After Alexa introduced Bayley to the kendo stick (c’mon, just call it a Singapore cane!!), Angle is letting the women go to the Extreme….barely. The RAW women’s belt is on the line, in a kendo stick on a pole match.

Overall lowlights:

Here’s an odd complaint, but why not. It’s that while there was a bunch of good action, there wasn’t like a singular defining great moment. It’s a good problem to have, however.

Overall highlights:

In it’s entirety, it was a strong show. Angle looks like he’s finally very comfortable in his gig, which means good thing for us the fans.

After the final bell:

A really good homecoming show, to say the least. Got back to normal time zones quickly. Fans were thrilled, plus got a really good show out of it.

We have three weeks to go for Extreme Rules, and less than one for Backlash, but just like that, the booking for ER has taken over. And just like that, Backlash is fading into the rear view.


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