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Happy Monday everyone! It’s the start of another work week for those of us nine-to-fivers, or if you are in school (or a teacher, or lucky), you probably had today off and enjoyed yourself. In either case, the time for RAW is upon us ( and yes, it’s soon time for a certain hot new movie trailer, too), which means it’s time for another Nutshell. We have a huge Miz TV segment planned for tonight, with the strongly teased Shield reunion. TLC is just two weeks away, so there is plenty to set up between now and then. Are you ready to get a lot of build up crammed into just six hours? Good, let’s dive right in!

Best Match of the night:

It started off slow, but the main event title match for the cruiserweight gold won me (and the crowd) over.

Worst match of the night:

Take your pick…either it was Jordan and Anderson, or Elias and Apollo Crews. They were both pretty forgettable. And, the main event was so…weak?..they actually cut to commercial several times during it.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Delete! Delete! Delete!

You suck

How you doin’

This is awesome

Star of the Night

Forget that we had a cruiser title match as the main event. Tonight was about one group. One unit. Three men. The Shield, for who knows how long, are back.

But, OK, fine…hats off to Kalisto for winning the title too.

Spot of the Night:

How much fun was it to see the three man power bomb (which I honestly don’t ever recall hearing it called the Shield Bomb) back tonight? So nice, we saw it twice! First on The Miz, and then on Braun Strowman as they saved Hardy from who knows what.

And then there was Kalisto, superplexing Enzo off the top rope to the floor, landing on top of a big bunch of brawling lumberjacks.

And, I need to mention the top rope salida del sol, which sealed the deal.

Jobber of the Night:


Wait, didn’t Emma win? Yes, she did. She won the right to lose to Asuka in two weeks. Because everyone and their brother knows full well…there is NO WAY Asuka loses her RAW debut at TLC. None. So, I’ll let Emma be a jobber now, for a match that hasn’t happened yet.

Upset of the Night:

Alicia eliminating Bayley? Or Emma pinning Sasha? Either one works…though you just knew going in, that neither top star was going to face Asuka right away.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

How about a trifecta of them, in honor of the reunion of The Shield.

1-That very reunion, as they interrupted MizTV (as anyone and everyone expected)

2-Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns, now with matching Shield t-shirts (because merchandising is important, boys and girls), save Hardy and attack Braun Strowman, power bombing him through the RAW announce table.

3-After doing so, in a backstage interview, Ambrose said that they’d beat anyone, four, five, six guys. So The Miz demanded they get to add a fourth, since Dean said they could. And just like that, our recently announced 6 man TLC match at Tables, Ladders and Chairs has become a four on three handicap match.

And what the heck, a bonus. Alicia Fox actually eliminated someone in the women’s five way elimination match. And, it was Bayley.

Botch of the night:

How about a wee bit of a wardrobe malfunction? Mickie James spent her entire segment tugging up her low rise jeans, as she apparently miscalculated how well they’d stay up, or her white undies would stay down.

Commentary of the night:

The cruiserweights feel the same way about Enzo as the Pacers do about John Starks

Oh my God, ladies and gentlemen. The Shield reunion may only last two weeks.

I don’t know whether to take a shower or go to church.

And for some reason, the women’s division all want a chance to fight Asuka at TLC

I don’t know if Emma just won or just lost.

Sometimes you want the best seats for when the train comes through

LOL Moment of the night:

Alicia Fox actually thinking she matters, and having a tantrum over having been in WWE a decade and yet she has no t-shirt. It was funny to me. Almost as funny was Emma still carrying on the lie that she sparked the women’s revolution. One of these days, Paige will shut her up, I have to think.

Also, when they showed the fans who got their seats upgraded, the women to the side kept shoving the dad out of the way because she wanted her face on tv.

Noteworthy Moment:

Yep, you guessed it, the Shield reunion gets a spot here.

Enzo went on a rant about his title match, set for TLC. He was not happy with Kurt Angle, and he let Kurt know it. So Kurt said fine, no title match at TLC.

Instead, it’s tonight.

And oh yea, the no contact clause is on hold tonight, and it’s a lumberjack match with the rest of the cruisers at ringside. Yikes.

We finally saw Sister Abigail, which as had been speculated, was nothing more than a new persona for Bray. Throw on a veil, change the voice, and presto, Bray can play a dead girl.

Overall lowlights:

I suppose I should wait and see, but I am really not loving this new angle with Bray Wyatt. I mean, Sister Abigail was talked about many times before, but we never saw her, because they explained that she was dead. So now, Bray can play host to the souls of dead people? Or, something like that? I don’t know…I just don’t know.

Overall highlights:

Man what a difference a group makes, eh? Roman in The Shield? Love from the fans. Roman with a solo push? Fans divided. But for now, The Shield is back…resurrected, reunited, call it what you will. It’s semi-refreshing to have a babyface group able to run roughshod again.

After the final bell:

Serious question, but is 205 Live in dire need of propping up? I can’t otherwise figure out why on Earth they’ve been in the main event slot several times of late. Either they needed a boost and this is WWE giving it to them, or this is WWE saying here’s a golden opportunity, let’s see if y’all really can hang or not.

But, all things considered, it was a pretty good main event. Not sure if Kalisto is a transcendent talent that can elevate things more than the prior champs (too bad this wasn’t closer to his US title runs), but he’s certainly a better example of what fans expect a cruiser to be than say…Enzo.


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