It’s Monday! Woohoo! OK, that’s just way too much excitement for a Monday, right? But this is not just your average, everyday Monday. Nope, it’s time for Monday Night RAW, and it’s time to see what this Superstar Shakeup is all about. Are you ready? Let’s buckle up and hang on for an interesting three hours of entertainment. By the time it’s all said and done, each brand is going to look a wee bit different.

Best Match of the night:

I would say that Ambrose/Owens was pretty good. Also enjoyable was the eight man tag match.

Worst match of the night:

Love seeing Balor, but it was kinda painful watching Jinder. But it was formulaic, so even then I can’t give it too much flak.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Thank you Big Show


Thank you Seth!

No! No! No

You suck

Let’s go Balor

Thank you Strowman

You deserved it



Star of the Night

Hard to pick just one, on a night when the stars were shuffling more than the songs on my iPhone when I commute to Manhattan.

I will say though, I think Nia Jax acquitted herself nicely.  A clean pin over Charlotte (which has me convinced Charlotte goes blue tomorrow), and looking strong in the segment that introduced Alexa Bliss and Mickie James as the newest RAW women.

Spot of the Night:

Charlotte had a nice moonsault.

But…will anything top Strowman’s assualt on Reigns? I mean….he FLIPPED an ambulance over. A full sized AMBULANCE. Not a Matchbox car. Damn.

Nia absolutely ran over Mickie James

Jobber of the Night:

Curt Hawkins. Yes, RAW readers, you’ve read correctly. Apparently RAW decided it needed a new jobber, and Hawkins fits that job description to the letter. And he did a wonderful job on his first night, taking a one punch KO from The Big Show.

Upset of the Night:

According to the announcers, we should consider TJ Perkins beating A Double to be an upset. I guess?

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Strowman’s interruption and backstage assault of Roman Reigns. To say the Long Island crowd loved it would be an absolutely understatement. The crowd chanted “you deserved it” as fake EMTs loaded Reigns onto the stretcher. And once Reigns was all strapped in, Strowman came back, got a running start and shoved Reigns off the loading dock. Fans were not upset by this at all.

Strowman came back after Roman was loaded into the ambulance, screamed “I’m not done with you”, and then proceeded to flip the ambulance over. Now, either he had help (the camera never showed the top and other parts of the vehicle), or Strowman is avoiding Wellness Policy testing. Jesus, flipping over a flipping ambulance?!

And still, Vince fails to see the disinterest in his new favorite toy.

Botch of the night:

Cole botched a commentary bit. He was trying to say “Eat your heart out”, about RAW keeping Rollins. Except he fumbled it and had to re-set things.

And, either Finn and Jinder prefer to work stiff, or Jinder took liberties, or it was a botch. Finn’s face looked a bit worse than it should have.

Saxton called the Jeff over the top rope move a Swanton. Cole called it Poetry in Motion. They argued. Can we get some change in announcing as part of the shakeup?

Commentary of the night:

Go ahead Corey, start your praisefest!

Saxton, shut your lips!

Maybe he will just drift onto the Hempstead Turnpike.

Byron, I swear to God, I hope you get drafted to SmackDown Live!


Because I don’t ever want to hear that ridiculous inflatable spiel again

LOL Moment of the night:

Dean convincing himself that Miz and Maryse really were John and Nikki.

Rollins, opining that he probably wasn’t going to be up for employee of the month, based on Stephanie’s bump.

Noteworthy Moment:

The shakeup kicked off the show: Miz and Maryse, still copying Cena and Nikki, are on RAW. Dean Ambrose joined them for the opening segment and shut up Miz with a Dirty Deeds.

Curt Hawkins joined RAW too. But, he still sucks.

Rollins acknowledged it would be easier for him to run to SmackDown, but he didn’t want the easy way. Angle admitted Steph wanted him gone, but after Angle saw the one legged man win the ass kicking contest in Orlando, he wasn’t parting ways with Rollins. Rollins did call out Samoa Joe before that, and after Angle left the ring, Joe attacked him. Rollins held his own, and I am willing to bet that’s a Payback match.

Looks like at least a tease at a heel turn for TJ Perkins? Maybe? Can’t hurt, right? I think fans tired of Brian Kendrick, and Aries, after beeing a heel on NXT, is surprisingly over with the fans on RAW.

Bray Wyatt is on RAW. Should have seen that coming, since apparently his House of Horrors match with Orton is on Payback, (I thought thats what they said last week?)? But Payback was hyped as a RAW-exclusive PPV earlier in the show….oh, and Bray is also eying Finn Balor.

Additional Shakeup news: Apollo Crews and Kalisto head to RAW. Also, Rhyno and Heath Slater (don’t look now, but 2/3rds of 3MB are back on RAW, and the 3rd debuts on NXT this week.)

Not a shakeup, per se, but Elias Samson has drifted onto RAW. So, just like that, the red brand has two shiny new jobbers.

RAW just picked up Alexa Bliss AND Mickie James. An already weak SmackDown Live women’s roster just got weaker…is Charlotte heading to the blue brand?

Overall lowlights:

On the one hand, the Strowman-ambulance flip deal was kinda neat. But watch the replays, and something looks off to me. Specifically, the ambulance defies physics. Look at it. Once it gets to a certain point, the ambulance should just crash down, but even when it appears to have past the tipping point, Braun is still apparently pushing it. By that point, it was not going to crash back down onto all four wheels…so what was on the dark side of the ambulance, ensuring it was going to flip over for Braun, and not totally destroy a rather expensive bus? It isn’t necessarily as bad as when WWE had the camera inside the car before Styles sent Shane into it, but it’s still getting worse every time they show the replay.

Overall highlights:

It was a busy night. Lots of movement, RAW is getting a nice group of stars coming over, but the report card needs to be incomplete because, well, we don’t yet know for sure who is going to SmackDown.

But, things are off to an interesting start.

After the final bell:

Excellent show for Nia Jax, and also Strowman. On a night where RAW had a substantial influx of new faces, it was two of their younger, but established people that had the best nights, in my humble opinion.

The matches weren’t exceptional, but they were good enough. There was so much happening with the shakeup that every segment pretty much felt important. Now, if only every show was like that…

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