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It’s time once again for another SmackDown Nutshell! Just a couple days removed from Hell In A Cell, there will no doubt be a hell of a hangover for some of the Superstars. We get to find out how things escalate for champion AJ Styles and would-be champion Samoa Joe. We get to see how new SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is received, as well as what comes next for her. All that and so much more, so let’s not delay any further and crack open this Nutshell!

Best Match:

For my money, I will take Andrade “Cien” Almas and AJ Styles. I think it was a really good match, and I think it’s another shining example of Almas being on the precipice of a bigger push. I believe it’s at least his second televised match with Styles in recent months (I could be wrong). There have been rumblings that Vince himself is really high on Almas, and knowing McMahon wants himself a big and marketable Latino star…with Alberto Del Rio being unreliable….Almas could find himself getting pushed to the moon.

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Worst Match:

Asuka versus Billy Kaye. This one didn’t do much. I’d argue it was so short that it didn’t really even help re-establish Asuka (unless you’d like to convince me that it shows how quick she can finish someone off, I guess). Just a forgettable match.

Crowd Chants of the night:

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Rusev Day

You deserve it

Star of the night:

I have to give this one to Becky Lynch. She got to enjoy her newly won title. Fans told her she deserved it. She got cheered after laying out Charlotte. For the first time since SummerSlam, I almost feel like we are finally seeing WWE book Becky as the face and Charlotte as the heel, which is what fans seem to be in the mood for. Becky was good tonight.

Spot of the night:

Nothing really that memorable for me tonight.

Jobber of the night:

Not a wrestler for this one, but those EMTs tending to Maryse surely took some bad acting classes. Way over the top, sort of funny, but I guess they did their job.

I would also nominate Billy Kaye for this, as she lost to Asuka in the blink of an eye and with a rather quick tap out. With the talent that the Iiconics have, and being from Australia, you would expect or think at least, that WWE would boost them a bit before the huge Aussie show…but apparently not.

Upset of the night

Not an upset to be found.

Holy [email protected] moment of the night

After AJ Styles pinned Andrade “Cien” Almas in a very good match for the most part, Samoa Joe did the expected and assaulted Styles, screaming at him that he will never be safe. This was good booking, as after Sunday it would seem somewhat odd to not have Joe be violent and in a foul mood. It was a typical violent attack we’ve come to expect from Joe, and it keeps things between these two extremely hot. Super Show-Down can’t get here fast enough.

Botch of the night 

Nothing worth complaining about.

Tweets of the night:

As was started for the Monday RAW Nutshell, we are swapping out commentary of the night for tweets. For one thing, the one liners have been harder and harder to come by-one night I could pick out a dozen, and the next couple, not so much. For another, there are some good tweets out there, so might as well feature some, from WWE, other sheets and of course the fans.

LOL of the night

Folks, if there was a laugh to be had, I completely missed it.

Noteworthy moments of the night:

Well, I guess we finally have our full-on breakup of Rusev Day. Backstage, Rusev came off as the heel for most of the segment, being mean to English and implying the loss on Sunday was, in fact, Aiden English’s fault. Rusev left, English flipped out, Lana caught it all and English apologized. Seemed odd, but Aiden English still went out for Rusev’s United States title match against Shinsuke Nakamura. Rusev lost, seemed to feel it was Aiden’s fault, but instead of Rusev attacking, it was English attacking. So, one way or the other, it was about time. Actually, it was long overdue.

Lowlights of the night

Up until the attack by English, the booking of that trio (now former trio) was bizarre. Were we supposed to see Rusev as the heel? Because we could. But then, were we supposed to see Aiden English as the heel? Because we could do that too. By the time the US title match was over, however, I do think we can say Aiden English is the heel. Or is he….

Highlights of the night

For me, there were a few.

Bryan looked good getting his revenge.

Almas and Styles looked good. I think it’s just a matter of time before we get Almas into at least the US Title picture.

Becky Lynch. I’ve loved her development over the past few weeks, and it keeps getting better.

After the final bell

Not a bad show following Hell In A Cell. For the most part, everything was very clearly being done to set up for Super Show-Down, which makes sense. It all worked for the most part.

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