Hello and good evening folks! It’s another Tuesday night, which means another edition of SmackDown Live. Tonight is a big one because in case you missed it, we have a brand new United States Champion, as AJ Styles pinned Kevin Owens at the big show on Friday night in Madison Square Garden. That should spice things up a wee bit, and if that doesn’t? Fear not, as we are less than two weeks away from Battleground. So, there’s a lot to be done to get us to that point, and prep for SummerSlam as well. Got all that? OK, let’s get moving then!

Best Match:

Almost by default, the main event lands here. But, to be clear, it was a decent enough match, so it wasn’t a complete joke of a match to win this one. AJ and Cena worked well together, as did Rusev and Owens. So, a decent enough main event wins match of the night.

Worst Match:

Ah, here’s where it gets tricky. Do I go with the teased AJ/Cena match, when Cena appeared to answer the AJ Open Challenge? Or Xavier versus Jey, which just wasn’t a good match. Or, Shinsuke versus Corbin, which never happened. There was a lot of these kinds of matches. Teases or short matches, and just overall was a funky card.

Crowd Chants of the night:

AJ Styles

Let’s go Cena/ Cena sucks


Star of the night:

I have to give this one to AJ Styles. Really, earned this one because of what he did on Friday at MSG, but he still looked good tonight too-meaning, he didn’t do anything tonight that would have made him not win the honor.

Spot of the night:

Nothing really impressed me. Not that there wasn’t a spot of the night in someone’s eyes, but for my money, there just wasn’t one “wow” type maneuver.

Jobber of the night:

I guess this goes to Tye Dillinger. Certainly not where fans of his wanted to see him a few months into his main roster debut.

Upset of the night

Nothing, I suppose. Maybe the women’s match, but that’s what happens when you get someone from the outside interfering.

Holy [email protected] moment of the night

Finally, perhaps…maybe? We might just be seeing Maria and Mike get a little more relevant, as their involvement has finally moved away from the slapstick/comic relief arena, and now tonight it turned physical. Maria slapped Sami, and Mike, while Sami was doubled over, drilled him in the back/neck/head with a flower vase which of course broke and made a mess. As Maria left, she told AJ that sometimes “love hurts”.

Botch of the night

It isn’t a botch, per se, but Jey was way too obvious in re-positioning himself to take the elbow from Xavier. It was just so blatant, it deserves some attention.

Commentary of the night

What are you now, Oprah? Since when do you worry about women’s relationships?

LOL of the night

Once again, this one goes to Tyler Breeze and Fandango-tonight, dressed up like Texas Rangers or something. And, for added comedic impact, they spoke with Ryder, who at one point asked if Breeze wore a bra undercover, and Mojo asked what he just walked into. It was funny.

Also, a nod to Becky for referring to Natalya (to Nattie’s face) as Bret.

Noteworthy moments of the night:

Interesting exchange in the hallway between the Hype Bros mainly, with a little added by Breezango. Interesting because the two Bros had a little bit of a beef because Mojo got rid of Ryder in last week’s battle royal, and it almost seemed like a teased split. Curious to see what happens there.

Lots of teased Styles/Cena action, but in the end a very nice showing of mutual respect. They tagged together, they played nice together, and after the match, they didn’t pummel each other. If I had to guess, an AJ Styles/John Cena SummerSlam rematch is headed our way, this one with the United States Title on the line.

Lowlights of the night

The non-matches and teased matches were a bit much. Like, too many of them in a short span of time, and that just takes away from/diminishes the value. As much as we all probably would have enjoyed seeing Cena/Styles tonight, WWE would not want to give that match away, and the alternative match we did get was good.

Not sure what’s up with the booking of the women’s divisions. It’s all over the map, and the backstage segments for them tonight were not much better. The tag match could have been good, but it was only a notch or two above trainwreck. And, while she is the champion, Naomi’s second reign hasn’t exactly wowed me.

Highlights of the night

Breezango. Even as a comedy act, they do entertain.

Styles and Cena. Dare I say they bring out the best in one another.

After the final bell

I can’t tell if some of this is hindered by the show scheduling, being so close to SummerSlam, but not being SummerSlam. It’s sort of awkward, and with the major PPV right around the corner after it, I have a feeling the writing teams are either playing conservative, or are saving their best lines for the bigger event. It’s like limbo, I suppose. But, assuming we get a couple good matches, Battleground should be decent enough. A Cena/Styles match alone would be the best out there, by a long shot.

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