Airing July 2nd, 2009
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider

We start off tonight’s show with a look back at last week when Samoa Joe arrived with Kurt Angle and we find out why Samoa Joe joined the Main Event Mafia.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Don ‘Happy Day After Canada Day’ West and Mike ‘Happy Day After Free Agency Begins’ Tenay.

We start off with the Main Event Mafia who come to the ring by height. There is one person absent and that is the godfather Sting. Angle has something to say. Angle tells Sting that he knows that he is at home licking his wounds, but he wants to tell Sting that it was not personal, it was strictly business. Angle tells Foley that he cannot run and he cannot hide, so maybe he should come out to the ring right now, like a man.

Mick Foley comes out and he starts to talk, but Kurt cuts him off and says that Mick committed a cardinal sin by crossing the boss. He told Team 3D that they had a chance to wrestle for the tag titles if they could beat Steiner and Booker. Angle tells Foley that there will be consequences. Angle says that they are the most dominant force in wrestling. Angle tells Foley that his answer is not important, their reputation is important. Angle tells Foley that if you want to dance, you have to pay the band.

Mick says that he messed up and he wants Kurt to leave him alone because he has had a few bad weeks. He just wants to wrestle Kurt at Victory Road. Angle tells Foley that he lied to the Godfather. Foley tells his security to do their job and they fall to the mat after being attacked by the Big Poppa Pipe.

Foley says that he has the worst security and now he is having a horrible week. Foley tells them to go ahead, but he wants enough left so he can recover to face Angle at Victory Road. Angle says that he can kick Foley’s ass, Booker can kick his ass, Nash can kick his ass, or maybe even Samoa Joe. Foley gets to choose and Foley chooses door number one and he punches Angle. The beatdown on Foley starts while Nash watches Steiner choking Foley with the pipe.

Jeff Jarrett’s music plays and he comes to the ring with his guitar and five men leave the ring while one man enters. Joe is busted over his eye.

Jarrett hits Foley with the guitar and he leaves the ring. Jarrett walks past the members of the Main Event Mafia and he is bleeding too. We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to look back at what just happened in case you missed it. We see footage of Mick Foley being offered help during the commercial only to refuse it.

We go to the back where Jeremy Borash is in the locker room with Jeff Jarrett and security is pulling Foley away.

Mike Tenay had a chance to talk to Kevin Nash and he says that Nash might be one of the most controversial ever. Tenay talks about Nash and Hall going to WCW. Nash talks about being on the road 300 days as the champion. He says that he barely earned 7 figures. He says that Bischoff offered more for half the time. Nash says that everyone would ask about their bonuses and it turned from who had a good match to how much they got paid. Nash says that he is here for the money even though he still loves the job. Tenay asks Nash if ever conversation has to deal with money. Nash is asked about his match against A.J. at Victory Road. Nash says that he is in the best shape he has been in over the last ten years. Nash says that he thinks he is a legend and it would be nice to win the title. Having a title belt adds more money in his pocket during interviews. We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to see if Abyss has found Dr. Stevie. Lauren is trying to calm Abyss down while he tries to break stuff. Abyss picks up Lauren and he puts her on the Spin Cycle desk. Abyss says that he would never harm Lauren because he never cared about anyone like he cares about her. Abyss says that he is sick. He says that he is sick today and will be sick tomorrow. Abyss says that he will come back to get her when it is all over.

Match Number One: Cody Deaner with ODB versus Amazing Red

Deaner misses a clothesline and Red with kicks. Red avoids punches from Deaner and Red with kicks and a wrist lock. Deaner asks ODB what he should do and Deaner with a reversal. Red escapes and hits an arm drag followed by a head scissors. Deaner goes to the floor and he gets some tips from ODB but Red with a corkscrew plancha onto Deaner. Red rolls Deaner into the ring and he gets a near fall with a rollup. Red with a kick to the leg followed by a back kick to the midsection. Deaner with a clothesline for a near fall. Deaner sends Red into the corner and he punches him. Deaner with a slam and gets a near fall. Deaner sends Red into the turnbuckles but Red with an Irish whip and a kick into the corner. Red with a jumping spin kick for a two count. Red goes up top but he takes too much time and Deaner knocks Red off the turnbuckles and to the mat. Deaner goes to the apron and he puts on his hat before going up top against the orders of ODB. Deaner turns the hat into position and then he misses a diving head butt. Red goes to the turnbuckles and hits the Red Eye for the three count.
Winner: Amazing Red

We go to a Booker T video package.

Abyss tells everyone to get away and security has weapons to stop Abyss. He wants to know if they are going to do something. The head of security tells Chris that this is not going to happen in his house. Abyss snarls and stares as we go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to go to Jeremy Borash in the Founder’s Locker Room. Jeremy asks Jarrett why he is in his gear. The Main Event Mafia enter clapping and Kurt says that he wants to talk to Jarrett. Angle asks Joe to hold his title belt. Angle says that there won’t be any problems. Angle says that they have had their problems in the past and they can put them aside. He offers Jeff a peace offering. Angle says that they can rule TNA for the next ten years. Jeff tells Angle that he can screw his offer because there is no ‘together’. He asks Kurt if he remembers the history. He tells Angle that he abused his power, authority and spot. Jarrett says that it is his house and company and they are going to play by his rules. Angle and Joe will be in a tag match and the title will be on the line. Jeff tells Angle that he will be wrestling him and A.J. Styles. If Jarrett or Styles win, they get the title. Booker apparently does not like Jarrett’s ruling as they leave.

Lauren is in the back with Jenna and she asks Jenna about their match and wonders how Jenna will get out of it. Jenna says that she is going to fight her. She says that it is all a show with Sharmell.

Sojournor Bolt enters and she has a few things to say about Jenna. She says that Sharmell is her girl so they have a problem.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kurt Angle is with Jeremy Borash and Borash asks Angle about his match and Angle takes the mic. He asks Jarrett if he knows what he just did. He says that Jeff has signed his death certificate. Angle says that he wondered what it would be like if he ever teamed with Joe because he thought they would be unstoppable. He asks if A.J. or Jarrett are ready.

Booker asks Sharmell to get Matt Morgan and then things break down.

Match Number Two: Eric Young versus Rhino with Jesse Neal

Young attacks Rhino as he enters the ring and Rhino punches back. Rhino sends Young into the corner and punches him and then he raises his arms for punching Young. Rhino with a near fall followed by kicks in the corner. Young with a hard Irish whip and a clothesline for a near fall. Young punches Rhino in the corner and then he chokes Rhino. Young with a snap mare and a reverse chin lock. Rhino gets to his feet and he punches Young, but Young pulls Rhino down to the mat and gets a near fall. Young yells at the referee while Jesse tries to give Rhino some encouragement. Young chokes Rhino in front of Jesse and then Young and Jesse yell at each other. Young slaps Neal and sends him into the guardrails. Young returns to the ring and he punches Rhino. Rhino is staggered but Rhino punches back and Rhino with a flying clothesline and a back elbow. Rhino with a running shoulder in the corner. Rhino with a spinebuster but Jesse distracts the referee so there is no count. Rhino yells at Jesse and Young sends Rhino into Neal and Young with a rollup with his feet on the ropes for the three count.
Winner: Eric Young

Lauren is with Sharmell and Sharmell is not happy about being a messenger girl. Matt is on the phone and Sharmell tells Matt that Kurt wants to see him. Matt acts like he just won Miss America and he thinks that he is now a part of the Main Event Mafia. We go to commercial.

We are back and we go to the back where Jeremy Borash is still with Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan enters. Sharmell yells at Booker. Matt says that he knew this would be a big day. Matt wants to know how many figures they are talking about. Kurt tells Matt that the Mafia is taking him under consideration but there are a few things that he needs to do. Matt reminds Kurt what he did to Sting last week. Kurt says that he needs to make sure that his bases are covered for their match tonight. Kurt wants Matt to take care of Christopher Daniels and make sure that he gets nowhere near the ring. Matt says that his patience is wearing thin.

We have a Sarita video package.

Match Number Three: Angelina Love and Velvet Sky with Madison Rayne versus Tara and Awesome Kong with Raisha Saeed

Velvet and Tara start things off and Velvet with a kick and then she pulls Tara to the mat by her hair and follows it with punches. The referee pulls Velvet off Tara and Velvet yells at the referee. Tara with a waist lock take down and a Muta Lock. Tara with an arm drag or two. Tara works on the arm and she keeps Angelina from tagging in. Kong makes the tag and she tosses Velvet by the head across the ring and she wants Angelina. Angelina with forearms but Kong with a double sledge and punches to the head. Kong with a vertical choke and she tosses Love into the corner. Kong punches Love and then Tara tags in. Tara works on the arm but Madison distracts the referee. Sky with a knee to the back to change momentum. Love and Sky with kicks to Tara and Velvet with a snap mare and kick to the back followed by a drop kick from Angelina Love. Velvet chokes Tara and then mocks Kong. Velvet with an elbow for a near fall. Velvet tosses Tara across the ring and Love is tagged back in. Love and Tara both pull each other down by the hair and Velvet tries to stop Tara from making the tag. Kong with an Irish whip and it is time to charge into the corner but Love stops Kong and Kong with a clothesline. Kong sets for a power bomb but Love stops Kong. Tara sends Love to the floor and then Tara sends Love into the ring post. Kong with an Implant Buster to Sky for the three count.
Winners: Tara and Awesome Kong

After the match, Tara brings her box into the ring and she opens it and reveals her tarantula. It looks like Terry the Tarantula is going to spend some time on Velvet Sky. Angelina and Madison run to the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Lauren is with Angelina Love and she is freaking out at Terry the Tarantula. Lauren asks about Velvet, but Angelina says that it could have been on her. Lauren asks Angelina what is on her shoulder and Angelina runs away. Lauren gets a good laugh at Angelina’s gullibility.

We have a Brother Ray video package.

James Storm and Robert Roode come to the ringside area and they join Don and Mike at the announce table.

Match Number Four: Team 3D versus Booker T and Scott Steiner in a Number One Contenders Match

There is some pushing before the match begins. They also have a few words for each other. Steiner and Ray start things off and Steiner poses. They lock up and Steiner with a forearm to the back and he sends Ray into the turnbuckles. Steiner kicks Ray and chops him. Ray with an Irish whip and splash into the corner and then he punches Steiner. Steiner with a t-bone suplex followed by a punch. Ray blocks a punch and then he slams Steiner. Ray misses an elbow. Steiner with a clothesline and then Steiner misses the flex elbow. Ray with a side slam for a near fall. Devon tags in and he punches Steiner. Booker with a kick to Devon’s head. Booker tags in and he punches and chops Devon followed by knees and a thrust kick. Booker with a kick to the midsection and Steiner tags in. Steiner with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Booker tags back in and he kicks Devon in the abdomen. Booker with a back heel kick. Devon with a clothesline and both men are down. Ray tags in and he connects with clotheslines to Booker followed by a hip toss. Ray with a BubbaBomb to Steiner. Booker with a Bookend to Ray for a two count.

Sheik Abdul Bashir and Kiyoshi come out to the announce table and they start a brawl with Storm and Roode.

Meanwhile, back in the ring Team 3D hit 3D on Booker but Sharmell is in official referee distraction spot one. Ray slams Steiner and it is time for the Wassup Headbutt. Ray tells Devon to get some furniture for the ring. Devon gets a table but Big Rob hits Devon. Magnus comes into the ring through the crowd and he hits Ray with the briefcase while Williams distracts the referee. Booker covers Ray for the three count.
Winners: Booker T and Scott Steiner

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Jethro Holliday versus Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal does not come out because he is involved in a battle with his tag team
partner against Abyss. Abyss comes to the ring in Lethal’s place and Holliday punches Abyss but Abyss with a Black Hole Slam. Abyss throws Holliday out of the ring.

Abyss wants a mic and he tells Dr. Stevie to come out to the ring. He says that he wants the whole world to hear what he has to say. He tells Dr. Stevie that he does not need him any more. There will be no more therapy sessions. No more daily calls to check in. No more shock treatment, except for him. When he gets his hands on Dr. Stevie, he will hoist him up and drop down and snap him across his shoulders like a twig.

Stevie is on the JarrettTron. He has some night vision goggles and Lauren is with him. Stevie tells Lauren to shut up and then he suggests what he can do to Lauren. He says that he would not do anything because he is not a monster like Abyss. Stevie says that he owns Abyss ‘mind, body, and soul’. He tells Abyss that he will come to his office for therapy or else. Abyss runs to the back as we go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe versus Jeff Jarrett and A.J. Styles in an If Jarrett or Styles win, they are the new champion, but if not Angle keeps the title Match

Jarrett and Angle start things off and they lock up. Jarrett with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Jarrett and Angle block hip tosses. Angle escapes a Stroke attempt. Angle rolls through a sunset flip and tries for an ankle lock but Jarrett escapes. Angle with a kick and elbow followed by a European uppercut. Jarrett with a hip toss and then he comes off the ropes and hits a clothesline when Angle gets out of the ropes. Styles tags in and Angle with a rake of the eyes. Joe tags in and Styles punches Joe. Joe with a leg sweep to Styles and then he punches A.J. in the head. Styles with a phenomenal drop kick and then Jarrett punches Angle and so does Styles. Styles clotheslines Angle over the top
rope to the floor and then Styles and Jarrett with a double clothesline as we go to commercial.

We are back and Angle returns to the ring and he kicks Styles in the leg. Angle stomps on A.J.’s leg while Jarrett wants to tag in. We see footage of Styles being in control until he gets thrown around the ring like a rag doll by Joe and Angle. Back to live on tape action and Angle punches Styles in the head. Styles blocks a punch and connects with a punch and enzuigiri. Joe knocks Jarrett off the apron to keep Styles from making the tag. Joe comes in and he chops Styles. Styles with a springboard moonsault to Joe and he sets for the inverted DDT but Angle tries to interfere. Styles with a DDT to Angle and an inverted one to Joe. Joe puts Styles in the choke but Styles rolls through and hits the Pele kick and both men are down.

Jarrett and Angle tag in and Jarrett with clotheslines to Angle followed by a Pedigree for a near fall that is broken up by Joe. Jarrett charges into an elbow. Angle tries for the Olympic slam but Jarrett counters with a DDT. Jarrett punches Joe who tried to break up the cover. Jarrett puts Angle on the turnbuckles and he tries for a Super Stroke but Joe with a chop and he has Jarrett up for a Muscle Buster. Styles with a springboard forearm and the referee is knocked out. Jarrett hits the Super Stroke on Angle but the referee is out cold so there is no referee’s count. Jarrett gets the guitar and the referee recovers in time to grab it from Jarrett. Angle puts Jarrett in the ankle lock while Jarrett and the referee argue. Joe pulls Styles off the apron and then Jarrett tries for an enzuigiri but Angle avoids the kick and Angle reapplies the ankle lock and adds a leg lace. Jarrett has passed out.
Winners: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe

After the match, the Main Event Mafia join their victorious brothers in the ring to celebrate. Styles ocmes into the ring and he swings wildly with the Legends Title belt as the Main Event Mafia leave the ring. Joe comes into the ring and he goes after Styles. The rest of the Main Event Mafia return to the ring to work over Styles. Steiner with a belly-to-belly suplex to Styles.

In the split screen we see Matt Morgan attacking Christopher Daniels.

Back in the ring, Nash is about to hit Styles with the Legends belt and the lights go out and they go back in and Sting has his baseball bat and it is time for Sting to take care of all five men in the Main Event Mafia because he is wearing the purple jacket. Sting has stolen the title belt from Kurt Angle and the lights go out and Suicide is gone as well as Sting. We go to credits.

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