Ring Of Honor
December 27th, 2008- 7:30 pm belltime
Manhattan Center (Hammerstein Ballroom)
New York, NY


~ROH returns to the Hammerstein on March 21st.

1) Kenny Omega defeats Claudio Castagnoli when he reversed the Ricola Bomb in to a small package. Omega didn’t get much offense throughout the contest. Claudio flipped after the match and destroyed ringside to big heat. Claudio came out for the match in a Boston Red Sox jersey. Decent opener.

2) Jerry Lynn defeats Chris Hero, Rhett Titus, & The Necro Butcher with a Cradle Piledriver on Hero. Slow match early on, picked up late. More or less a tag match.

~After the match Jimmy and Delirious hit the ring and beat down Necro. Steenerico make the save. Tag Championships on the line NOW!

3) ROH World Tag Team Championships: Kevin Steen & El Generico defeat Jimmy Jacobs & Delirious to retain. Daizee Haze came out and Jimmy tried to attack her, but Delirious made the save. The distraction gave Steen and Generico a chance to hit Delirious with the Package Piledriver/Brainbuster combo for the 3.

~After the match Jacobs gets in Delirious’ face and Delirious backs down. Jacobs says Age of the Fall is going to hell.

4) Brent Albright, Roderick Strong, & Erick Stevens defeat Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, & Go Shiozaki in a totally wild street fight. Roddy backdropped Richards through a table to the floor, and Shiozaki took all three men’s finishers before tapping to the Crowbar. SNS Inc. walked out on Go. Fans chanted for Go after the match, and he flipped them off. Match was really good.

5) Jay & Mark Briscoe defeat Kensuke Sasaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima with a Jay Driller on Nakajima. Freaking awesome match.

~After the match The American Wolves hit the ring and beat down the Briscoes. They injure Mark’s knee with a steel chair. Steenerico hit the ring to attack the Wolves. Davey attempts to help but gets cut off by Albright.

Albright cuts a promo saying that SNS Inc. is ruining ROH. He again makes a challenge for a steel cage match of some kind. Cary at ringside agrees. Mark limps out badly after it was over. No date announced for the cage.


6) Austin Aries defeats Tyler Black to become the new #1 contender with a brainbuster/450. Match of the night by far. Jimmy came down and “accidentally” distracted Tyler when Tyler had the match won.

~After the match Tyler shoves Jimmy and they argue again. Jimmy gets the upper hand and locks Tyler in The End Time. Aries grabs a chair and pulls Jimmy off of Tyler. Black struggles to his feet, then Aries blasts him with the chair! Jimmy and Aries totally destroy Tyler. Heat was insane!

~After all this ends Austin Aries punches a fan right in the face. Paul Turner gets involved and looks to have the guy in a choke hold. Security and who looks to be Adam Pearce helps escort the guy out. No clue what started it. Turner gets a standing O and a “Next World Champ” chant.

7) ROH World Championship: Nigel McGuinness defeats Naomichi Marufuji to retain the ROH World Championship with a Rebound Lariat in an amazing match. Nigel was holding his forearm after the match. Not sure if it’s legit.

~After the match Jerry Lynn comes out. He gets a mic and puts over Nigel and the company as a whole. Nigel is still furious Lynn is out. Lynn challenges Nigel for a Championship match RIGHT NOW. Nigel blows him off and runs through the crowd. Great Lynn promo, but the crowd didn’t care much.

~Nana sneaks his way in begging for a job once again. And again, he’s removed.

8) Bryan Danielson defeats Takeshi Morishima in a brutal Fight Without Honor. Dragon finished the job 20 CHAIN WRAPPED elbows to the head followed by Cattle Mutilation. Just unreal.

~Dragon cuts a promo after the match putting over everyone. Says this was the biggest crowd in ROH history. Thanks everyone for coming. Good stuff.

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