The president of Impact Wrestling, Ed Norholm, responded to a tweet by Broken Matt Hardy and thanked him for the work he did as part of TNA:

It almost sounds like Nordholm intends to continue using the “broken” gimmick without Matt and Jeff as the players. That is just speculative but seems strange that he made a point of mentioning that the broken brilliance would be left behind, and then in the next tweet he says the broken universe will always be on Impact. Either he plans to reassign the gimmick or he was speaking in sort of lofty, spiritual terms, in which case he could just be acknowledging Matt’s role in breathing fresh new life into a wrestling gimmick and giving Impact Wrestling a special kind of cachet for a while. Any way you slice it, Impact made a mistake letting The Hardy’s go. Those guys and that gimmick are a guaranteed meal ticket anywhere they end up. It doesn’t seem to be a very savvy play on Impact’s part that they let their two biggest stars walk away so easily.


Here is the latest episode of Impact in 60 with this week’s highlights:


CBS caught up with Ring Off Honor COO Joe Koff about a deal with the Hardyz coming to pass and how long the brothers will be on the ROH roster:

“The Hardyz was [an] almost serendipitous situation. We obviously had them booked for Lakeland on April 1st… When they chose not to renew with Impact, we saw an opportunity. They are with us for the immediate future. They want to keep their options open.”

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