Impact Wrestling taped another round of TV yesterday. It saw a stop star leave the company, a debut, pay per view announced and injury suffered to Eddie Edwards.

Impact Wrestling:

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– Eddie Edwards defeated Sami Callihan. Post-match, Callihan hit Edwards with a bat. The move caused lots of bleeding and Edwards was reportedly sent to the ER.

– Feast or Fired saw Eli Drake, Ethan Carter III, Moose and Petey Williams each get a briefcase.

– Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary went to a double count out.

– Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong are in the ring. Jacobs talks about hurting Joseph Park’s family because he won’t bring about Abyss. James Mitchell comes out and announces a Monster’s Ball Match later with Abyss.

– Matt Sydal thanks Josh Mathews for being his spiritual guide. He makes Mathews the new Impact Grand Champion.

– Tyrus defeated EC3.

– Allie defeated Sienna. Su Yung debuts and leaves Allie laying in the ring.

– Alberto El Patron and Austin Aries agree to fight for the world title at the next PPV titled Redemebetion on April 22.

Impact Wrestling:

– Matt Sydal defeated Rohit Raju.

– Aries and Patron sign a contract for their title fight.

– The Feast or Fired briefcases are opened. Eli Drake gets a tag title shot. Petey Williams gets an X Division Title shot. Moose gets an Impact Global Championship shot. Ethan Carter III is fired, which was done as he finished with the company.

– Kongo Kong defeated Abyss in a Monster’s Ball Match.

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