Reby Hardy posted a series of updates to her Twitter page regarding the current legal battle over the Broken Universe between The Hardys and Impact Wrestling.

Read below:

UPDATE: TNA sent an absolutely laughable legal proposal re: trademark, usage & ownership. Sigh.
We tried to play nice. Truly.
Oh well.

They also seem real hurt about #f–kThatOwl. Awww.


Fun facts ! SeƱor Benjamin never signed one piece of paper stating TNA could ever use, broadcast or profit from his image/likeness.

Fun facts ! Maxel was never legally cleared to work/appear on camera. Wanna check them TV child labor laws & get back to me, TNA ?

Fun facts ! Nearly every notable attribute that makes #BROKEN Matt Hardy “Broken Matt Hardy” was developed by ME in a @WaffleHouse. Yummy !

Fun facts ! Trying to prevent someone from legally making money is torturous interference of business & a HUGE OFFENSE ! How bow dat C&D ?

Fun facts ! I filed for the #BROKEN trademark when all the shady business from JJ & Anthem got back to me, WEEKS before his contract was up.

If owning my husband was that important, why not file/apply – oh, I don’t know – BEFORE his contract was up ? BEFORE you found out I did ?

And the store I’ve been running for 5+ years, 100% by myself, with MY original designs & my sole effort/investment. Yeah, they want a cut.

Theme song I composed/recorded/graciously allowed them to use GRATIS when they were having licensing issues w/music. They claiming that too.

If the character is TNA’s, where are their format sheets ? (Don’t exist). Where are the scripts ? (Can’t be produced; don’t exist). And….

..Best part. Ready ? SURPRISE ! “The Hardy Show” was behind the scenes recording OUR entire creative process this whole time. See you soon !

And #f–kThatOwl

I’d suggest those who don’t know the 1st thing about image releases in television refrain from commenting on what is/isn’t “right”…
…it’s past a matter of opinion at this point. It comes down to law, something we never had to worry about til TNA brought it into things

They wanna get legal & specific ?
We can get legal & specific.
That’s what it comes down to.
Sad, but that’s what we’re forced to do.

From now on, someone will be speaking for us regarding the ridiculous situation we’ve been put in. And not on twitter. Thx for the support.

Maxel was 100% safe & well protected at all times. Dixie & Universal made sure of that. Not sure new mgmt would have; PART of reason we left

Getting technical NOW regarding releases & permissions to appear re: Maxel because we have no choice but to given the circumstances.

We didn’t bring legal garbage into this. TNA did. They want to bring the law into it, so can we. Simple as that. Anyone else questioning anything about my kid can pull a Maddox & dump your BS load elsewhere. Thanks

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