– Last weekend, there was incident at Impact Wrestling / Big Time Wrestling One Night Only: Cali Combat taping from California that has gained mainstream attention. Indy wrestler Devin Danger made his entrance and spit gum on a young girl. The girl’s father was none too pleased and started attacking Danger before being separated.

Danger claimed he apologized and explained his side. According to Danger, he went to spit his gum and smack it away. Sort of like what Mr. Perfect did back in the day. Instead, he mistakenly spit on the girl.

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Below is video of the incident and Danger’s apology.

– We noted earlier in the week how Vader would be undergoing open heart surgery. He sent out the following tweet today, providing fans with an update.

Over a year ago, Vader announced that doctors only gave him a few years to live due his heart. He continued competing before passing out during a match and eventually having the operation.

With Vader’s height and weight, his wrestling career could be over following the surgery. Vader constantly uses social media to provide updates to fans, so stay tuned for more to follow.

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