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It was announced that Rich Swann will be debuting for IMPACT at their June 1st and 2nd tapings in Windsor, Ontario.

Here is the tweet:

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Swann was released from WWE after he was charged with false imprisonment/kidnapping and misdemeanor battery against his wife, Vannarah Riggs. The charges were ultimately dropped but Swann was cut from the roster anyways. Swann and Riggs remain married, although the status of their relationship since the incident isn’t entirely clear. Be that as it may, Riggs wrestles for IMPACT under the name Su Yang and it appears Swann will be joining her on the roster.


Justin Credible, real name PJ Polaco, posted on Twitter that he found out his wife only has six months to live. There is no information on what the specific nature of her condition might be but Polaco has been tweeting a series of thoughts, seemingly in an effort to process the news and find a foothold beyond the darkness at the bottom of a bottle. Polaco has had his issues with substance abuse in the past and caused a bit of a stir on social media a while back after some alarming videos surfaced. Credible had received support from people like Diamond Dallas Page at that time and appeared to be trying to find his way forward.

Here is a string of his tweets from when he first found out this latest unfortunate news. He also appears to have received some supportive advice from Sean Waltman as well:

There are some sociopathic social media freaks who have evidently taken the opportunity to dump negativity on Polaco during this time, as Polaco tweeted that people were being mean toward him and his wife:

DDP appears to have offered some more of his sage counsel to Polaco, as suggested by this tweet:

And as much as the haters will hate, Polaco has also received a lot of support from good-hearted people and has taken to retweeting their positive well-wishes and thoughts.

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