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Jack Swagger recently spoke with CBS Sports. During the interview, Swagger talked about whether he harbors any ill will toward WWE since his departure:

No. No. I look back at my career and I’m very thankful. Successful people don’t look back and waste energy on what could have been and all the stuff that didn’t happen. It’s just a waste of time and a waste of energy. So, it’s tough, but you just move forward and keep doing what you know how to do and work hard and be a good person. And the rest will take care of itself. If my fans want to see me back in the WWE, you know, never say never, but we got a big agenda ahead of us for 2018 that we’re pretty excited about.

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Swagger, who has started performing for Major League Wrestling (MLW), also has plans to compete in Mixed Martial Arts competition under the Bellator brand. He discussed how his training has been going so far:

Training’s great, really good. My sparring partners have been great, really been pushing me. I feel like it’s coming along. I feel like I had a good week last week where a lot of light bulbs came on and I’m growing. The hard work’s paying off and the hard training is only making my body feel better. It’s crazy. When I left [WWE] last year I was pretty banged up and not in that good of shape. And this crossing over into a new world has really forced me to focus on my body and I feel 24 again.

On the topic of pro wrestlers making the jump to MMA, Swagger talked about what he thought about CM Punk’s first unsuccessful foray into MMA, under the UFC brand, and being given a second chance to try again:

Well, let’s cut everybody some slack. Everybody has their first fight and has a bad match and, granted, that was a bad showing. So, the good news is it can only get better.

So, maybe he wasn’t training that hard for it or maybe he had an injury, so he couldn’t train that hard for it. Who knows? I expect if he’s taking another fight, he is training and training with the right people. So, I would expect a huge improvement. Nobody likes to get their [butt] kicked — especially on TV. I imagine he has a lot of motivation to go out there and perform better.

Swagger was granted a release from his WWE contract just over a year ago. His reason for wanting to leave was that he didn’t want to continue being put on the back-burner and not given opportunities. He felt that the indie scene had undergone an upsurge in popularity and that he could make his way more effectively on his own.

Since leaving WWE he has dropped the ‘Swagger’ name, despite still being able to use it if he wanted, and just recently became Imperial Wrestling Revolution champion in April. He wrestles now under his own name, Jack Hager.

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