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Cody Rhodes commented on a video of a Neville match that was posted to Twitter recently. He said that he missed the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks replied in agreement, and also said he spoke with him recently. Neville, according to Jackson, is ‘good’. Neville walked away from WWE a while back and has been unable to perform in the ring because of a non-compete clause in his contract. It’s too bad Neville and WWE aren’t on good term because they could use him. Plus, if he did come back they’d probably just bury him for walking out in the first place.

Here’s the exchange between Cody and Jackson:

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Speaking of Cody and the Bucks, the contracts for them, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page will expire ahead of the Ring of Honor/New Japan show at Madison Square Garden in April. Cody said in a conference call that there is a verbal commitment between them all to take their next steps together “as a family.”

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