Sports Illustrated reports that WWE has decided to pass on offering Rey Mysterio a contract to return.

It was recently reported that Mysterio was being courted by both WWE and Global Force Wrestling. WWE’s interest revolved around trying to possess a star that could help open up the market landscape down in Mexico. However, Vince McMahon has a problem with Mysterio’s representation: Konnan.

Konnan and McMahon have not been on good terms for decades. WWE had invested thousands of dollars into Konnan as the Max Moon character, only to have him jump ship to go main event in Mexico. Konnan was backstage at a recent WWE event to visit with Chris Jericho, but the things did not go further than that. The WWE office and Konnan’s relationship is the same as it ever was.

Mysterio is expected to be presented with a sound offer from GFW in light of this news. He would stand to become their biggest star right out of the gate, while simultaneously being a newcomer. It is speculated he could even stand in for Alberto El Patron, who has proven himself a liability. Mysterio, though, does seek to retain control over third-party bookings and will want to be in control of his own schedule. This may be one point of friction, but at this stage GFW will want to try and work out what they can to obtain a star of Mysterio’s status.

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