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There was a wild scene at Chicago’s AAW show, which is now starting to get some mainstream attention. Per PWInsider, Sami Callihan was almost shot after an angle went too far.

Callihan was wrestling Jimmy Jacobs, when the Impact Wrestling superstar started stacking plastic chairs on top of his opponent. The building’s management got on the microphones and told Callihan to not break any of their chairs. It should be noted that these were not typical wrestling chairs you see at a local show that fold. The match continued, with both men getting back in the ring and Callihan getting the victory.

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After the match, security tried to remove Callihan from the building. Callihan thought it was part of an angle, so he started to push and curse out security. One of the security guards reportedly told Callihan to stop or he would be shot. That was enough for Callihan to realize what was happening had nothing to do with pro wrestling.

All the craziness took place from the Logan Square Auditorium. AAW were nearly tossed from the building as a result, but both sides came to an understanding and the show finished. Early reports stated that Callihan, who worked in NXT for a time, was removed from the building; but, he denied those reports.

Down below are tweets from Callihan about the incident. AAW’s website and Twitter page have not made any comment on what happened Friday night. It is not known if Callihan has any heat with the promotion or if AAW will be able to host more events from the Logan Square Auditorium.

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