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Roman Reigns recently took a shot at wrestlers who try and mimic D-Generation X and NWO mannerisms. He said WWE doesn’t need guys living in the past, they need original characters because they’re trying to create something new.

The Young Bucks, who have appropriated NWO’s “Too Sweet” taunt, were informed of Reigns’ words by their loyal fans. Check out Matt Jackson’s responses below:

And here are Reigns’ original comments from the media conference call in question:


IMPACT has announced the launch of their new Global Wrestling Network, which is essentially their version of the WWE Network.

Read the full statement below:

Global Wrestling Network Available Now

The Global Wrestling Network is live as of right now. Right now you have access to the history of this incredible company at your fingertips. In a time where instant gratification is the new normal, GWN has arrived at the perfect time. All the moments, matches, championship celebrations and more are at your disposal to relive, remember and appreciate everything IMPACT has accomplished over the past 16 years.

Many of us look back and remember the destruction that Aces and Eights brought to IMPACT or the time Bully Ray actually put Dixie Carter through a table. How about the incredible matches that Team 3D had with The Wolves and The Hardy Brothers? The rise of EC3? The fall of Decay? It is all there. All ready to be relived over and over again.

For a small monthly fee you can really experience all that GWN has to offer with more additions coming each month. We can’t wait for you to experience all that GWN has to offer!

And here is the promotional video they released for it:

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