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There has been lots of talk about Brock Lesnar returning to the UFC and taking on Daniel Cormier for the Heavyweight Championship. When the two got into a scuffle at UFC 226, the fight seemed like a done deal, but nothing has been signed. Now, with Jon Jones able to return to the UFC after his suspension ends on October 28, there has been discussion of changing things around. Lesnar is headed to the UFC, but is opponent could be either Cormier or Jones.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented on the situation. “Jones is the bigger money fight and Brock is only in it for the money, we know that,” said Meltzer. “He’s not in for championships. He’s not in it for glory or anything like that. He’s in it for the paycheck.”

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Jones is currently finishing a suspension for failing a drug test. This is not the first time Jones has been suspended for PEDs or illegal drugs such as cocaine. Jones, the greatest UFC Light Heavyweight Champion ever, called out Lesnar for a fight last summer but things went downhill after being popped for PEDs.

When it comes to Jones, he is a wild card. He could be considered the greatest MMA fighter, but his antics outside of the octagon have caused so many problems. Then there is Cormier, who keeps his nose clean and is also one of the greatest MMA fighters. No matter who Lesnar fights, it would have to be a heavyweight; which is a weight class Jones has never competed in. There is always the possibility both UFC stars get a crack at Lesnar and the huge paycheck that follows.

In June, TMZ Sports spoke with UFC President Dana White, who said Jones and Lesnar want to fight each other. 

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