WWE’s Eugene character, played by Nick Dinsmore, created some controversy upon debuting. The gimmick was that of a person with special needs, but once the wrestling bell rang he became another person. The idea came from Dinsmore and his mentor “The Hustler” Rip Rogers.

“Rip Roger’s son has autism. Rip gave me this idea,” said Dinsmore on WrestleZone Radio. “Well how about a guy that can’t tie his shoes. He can’t talk to girls. He can’t do this and he can’t do that. The minute the bell rings he can do anything flawlessly that he’s seen on TV. Because I was ‘Mr. Wrestling’ Nick Dinsmore the wrestling part was the easiest part that I had.”

Vince McMahon heard Dinsmore pitch the end of his Eugene speech and the next week he started working for WWE.

Dinsmore recently worked as a coach in NXT and plans to take the lessons learned there and apply to wrestling schools in the Midwest. Dinsmore continued, the wrestling schools would serve as a training place before joining NXT.

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