Welcome to WrestleNewz’s coverage of the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame.

Jerry Lawler is hosting the event. We begin with a video package about DDP. It covers his time in WWE and later succeeding in WCW. They mention how DDP changed lives with DDP Yoga and hear words from Scott Hall and Jake Roberts.

Eric Bischoff  is out to a decent pop and gets a welcome back chant. He’s a little emotional, wishing Dusty Rhodes was here. He mentions heart and how DDP was also a pain at times. They apparently brawled back in the day at a local bar before their WCW days. Eric says DDP helped him get a job in WCW and is thankful. He talks about DDP trying to be a wrestler at 35 years old and everyone thought he was nuts. That didn’t stop DDP because of heart. Not your typical definition of heart as DDP is willing to help others. Nice speech by Eric.

DDP, wearing a sparkly suit, is out with his three daughters. He starts by talking about driving the car into WrestleMania 6 and now he’s in the HOF. Crowd chants you deserve it. He credits Dusty Rhodes for his success and gets a bit emotional also mentioning him. We get a Dusty impersonation from DDP, which is funny. He tells a story about Michael Hayes laughing on the floor when he heard about DDP wanting to train as a wrestler. DDP’s eyes are getting really red as he mentions those in WCW’s Power Plant who helped him. He thanks Eric for making him drop all those gimmicks and be himself. We heart about how Jake Roberts would rewatch matches to help DDP. John Laurinaitis and William Regal are thanked for helping develop the diamonds cutter. We get a back story on the diamond cutter gesture. He thanks Kevin Nash and Scott Hall for helping him get over by not joining the NWO. Positive words about Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan for helping him get over in WCW as a world champion. We get a mention of The Tonight Show angle. He thanks his expire Kimberly for supporting him and his current wife Brenda. DDP thanks everyone involved in DDP Yoga. He concludes by thanking his mother and tells a final Dusty story. Dusty yelled at DDP after he debated leaving the business since he won’t be world champion. Dusty tells him to believe that he’ll be champion or leave the business. DDP then made a goal to be champion in five years and accomplished that feat. Says to never stop believing. Very cool speech by DDP, who ends with a diamond cutter gesture.

We get a video package for The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton Robert Gibson). Jim Cornette is out with the tennis racket and this should be interesting with a live mic. He talks about The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express getting the right gimmick thanks to Jim Ross. We get a history of The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express’ family wrestling heritage. He talks about Bill watts bringing them to Mid-South Wrestling. He jokes how they had more sex heading to the ring than most do in a year. Cornette talks about their rabid fans and wrestling all the teams around the world. He says the Midnight Express helped get both teams over. He quickly gives props to Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes (who is getting lots of love tonight). Cornette concludes how the team would always give it their best, no matter the size of the audience. While the team might have slowed down in recent years, they never stopped because of their passion and he calls them a natural treasure.

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