Today, January 13, sees four wrestling birthdays. Yujiro Takahashi turns 37 years old, Mason Ryan turns 36 and Shad Gaspard is 37. John Kronus would have been 49.

Yujiro Takahashi was born in 1981:

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– Worked briefly in TNA as part of No Limit

– Now competes for NJPW

Mason Ryan was born in 1982:

– Joined the WWE main roster as a member of the Nexus

– Sent back to NXT and later released

John Kronus was born in 1969:

– Was a member of ECW’s The Eliminators

– Sadly, passed away in 2007 at 38 due to heart failure from an enlarged heart

Shad Gaspard was born in 1981:

– A member of Cryme Tyme

– Had a short feud with JTG before being released by the WWE for a second time

Happy Birthday Yujiro Takahashi, Mason Ryan, John Kronus and Shad Gaspard!!!

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