Prior to being “fired” from her on-air role as Raw General Manager, AJ Lee spoke with Sam Roberts from the Opie & Anthony radio show. Here are some highlights.

Ignoring advice to learn how to act and be a character in WWE:

“I was like, ‘I’m just going to wrestle and I don’t need to do anything else. And, I would hear so much advice that there’s so much more to this business than that. There are so many levels and ways for people to connect to you. And, I didn’t get it until I was thrust into this role (as Raw GM) and learned from everybody else that was in it. Now, I appreciate that part of it more than I ever did before. So, I miss the wrestling, but I know that there’s time for that.”

How she gets into her character as crazy, vengeful, and prone to breaking down into tears:

“I don’t think I can cry on cue; I just feel what’s happening. It’s real when it’s happening and I’m there and I’m her and I just kind of react to it.”

Kissing wrestlers on TV:

“I don’t know about (bad) breath, but I will say it’s very difficult to kiss someone when – there was this one match where Bryan and I had just wrestled. I don’t know if you’ve wrestled before, but you get severe cottonmouth. (laughs) It is not prime-time for macking. So, that one was a little odd.”

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