– AJ Styles spoke with Marvel.com about the ups and downs of his career. He had the following to say:

“I think most of the year’s been a valley for AJ Styles with all the losing matches, keeping out of the World title picture for a while, being accused of [am affair with] some chick that I was trying to help, you know,” Styles said. “It goes on and on. A peak was winning the Bound for Glory series and going to wrestle for the World Heavyweight title and I think doing that at the very last second, the last opportunity, I would definitely say that’s the peak of the year for me.”

– Austin Aries spoke with Comcast about Dixie Carter’s recent heel turn.

“I’m all for it, personally,” Aries admitted. “If it’s going to usher in an era of people being honest and open and being their true selves. Then I’ll fit in quite well. Everyone who knows me knows I’m not afraid to speak my mind. I’d love the opportunity to stand in the ring with the new Dixie Carter and clear the air.”

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